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Client Objective

Implement Better Marketing Strategies to Enhance Consumer Count


The health and beauty sector has boomed in recent times, with the societal emphasis gradually shifting to self-care and wellness.  Within that category falls our recent customer.

Customer is an online vendor of cosmeceutical products, offering advice and professional help to their customers regarding the healthy and productive use of their products at home. They provide free bespoke skincare advice and tailored product recommendations.

Their claim of a science-backed, clinic-approved stock that they trust to deliver transformative results is a great hit amongst their users. They greatly value their customers and provide the finest quality products at the best prices. Their diverse range and great service created a niche for the brand in the market.


Content Creation

Ideally, ROI should be greater than two hundred percent, for a good marketing strategy. Yet our client’s ROI on a self-organized campaign was falling below the mark.

Increase Brand Awareness

Ineffective campaigns can lead to lower visitor count as well as limited scope for increasing sales of the store. It also leads to financial loss as the client overpays for services they’re unsatisfied with.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Our client was in dire need of efficient digital marketing, that could turn their loss into a remarkable win. The client intended to improve their overall Google AdWords ROI. We began by analyzing the user behavior on the website, helping us understand what they were actually missing.

We proposed to realign their AdWords campaigns with user searches and product categories, with the intention of reducing their expenditure and pushing their online sales higher.

Our team created different campaigns as per the variety of products available. In order to gain more visibility, we created different sections for search, display, and shopping which resulted in more user acquisition and greater brand awareness.

We started running Smart Campaigns for product categories that were not performing well, highlighting selling points for these categories.

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Customer agreed with our vision and we sprang forth with gusto to provide them with the best possible experience of working with us.

Our experts created region-specific advertisements, focusing on what sold best where, included YouTube in our campaign, applied Automated Bid Strategy, and employed Phrase Match Modifier, which led to higher conversions, and more user acquisition.

Creating separate competitor campaigns for top-selling brands resulted in more user acquisition and an increase in the number of clicks. We even removed negative keywords to avoid irrelevant traffic to the website.

Keywords used in Google Ads are of utmost importance, as this is how different ads are related to the content query. For a beauty products store, the keywords should be relevant to feature on places their potential users frequently visit like a dermatology consultant or health-related content generators. Keywords define where our ads will pop up, and the clicks generated contribute directly to the visitor count for our client.

An effective digital campaign is one where the demands of the customers are met, and the promotional content is generated keeping in mind that the end-user should get curious about the products and services offered. Highlighting the factors which create a buzz around the products is necessary and highly useful in a successful digital marketing strategy.


High-quality day-to-day optimization is the key to the success of effective online advertising campaigns. With an effective AdWords campaign in place, Customer Direct saw a huge profit margin, and with a decrease in the amount spent on advertisements, the results were even more impressive to witness.

  • A 50% decrease in the Ad Spend
  • Ad Spend/Total conversion was improved by 30.6%
  • Ad Spend/Total conversion was improved by 30.6%

Efficiency in digital marketing is the key.

We turn your goals into reality.

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