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Website Migration, Backend Upgradation, Website Redesign



Client Objective

Enhancement of Website Features and Design Elements


Customer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hotel cosmetics. They manufacture and sell high-quality body care products for hotels and their discerning guests. Their unique and individual offer of care products includes trendy lifestyle concepts, well-known license and designer brands and wellness-oriented lines, certified natural cosmetics or products with fair trade essences. 

With locations in more than 50 countries with an international distribution network and a large number of sales partners, they offer more than just geographic proximity. Their partner network enables them to combine local market knowledge with international market experience for the benefit of their clients. They guarantee products that meet country-specific requirements and, in addition, set high international standards. 


Outdated Website Platform

They were operating through two separate websites. Both ran on Oxid platform which was outdated and had limited community support available. There was a lag in real time prices, orders and availability as ERP integration had slowed down their Oxid website. Extending the functionalities of both B2B and B2C shops became increasingly difficult.

Problematic Backend 

There were major structuring issues with the website backend. Critical flaws in the Oxid platform exposed the eCommerce system to hacking. Limited availability of templates limited the design customization options.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

The client wanted to meet the demands of their customers, which included facilities such as fulfillment capabilities, inventory visibility, data synchronization, and better convenience, to both buyers and sellers for data accuracy that might help make informed decisions with actionable insights at their fingertips.

They wished to build a website where admin could easily edit and manage everything, from order data and customers to settings for consumer’s checkout and extensions. They were looking for a design that should be reflective of the brand’s reputation with an exceptional look and feel.   

They also wanted to increase traffic on their website, and maintain a tab on all the orders and products at any time. 

Our team deliberated and then with the client’s consent, decided to migrate both the stores to Magento. We analyzed their requirements and suggested a few changes to the layout and functionality of the new webstores.  

We created a custom integration setup for both B2B and B2C business mode. Their data stored in 3rd party ERP platform known as ABAS was exported to a CSV file. Our custom integration setup allowed fetching of data from ABAS and importing them to the Magento store on a daily basis. 

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Furthermore, we also installed Amnesty B2B plugin to cover the B2B requirements, custom coding the Magento Plugin as per the client’s requirement. In addition, to systematically run and perform the tasks the client intended, we used Cronjob. This helped the client to sync the new Magento Store with ERP (ABAS). 

The Magento website could now provide hoteliers and their discerning guests with a platform to choose from a wide range of products. Everything was designed with elegance and minimalism as in beauty and hospitality industry, customers often associate the website view with the quality of the product or customer service level.  

The website now offers a smooth and seamless navigation from page-to-page with consideration for their target audience. Everything was clearly labelled and linked, properly and strategically placed to best achieve their main objective – conversions. 

The platform enabled the company to sell products efficiently. The team worked in sprints and held weekly meetings, ensuring accurate outcomes. Moreover, their flexibility and speed were pivotal in the success of this collaboration. 


After the integration, customers started getting a more accurate picture of product pricing and availability, earlier absent from the original website. The migration improved customer experience across all aspects of the buyer journey which translated to an increase in the overall sales for the brand. Due to the excellent usability and high performance, the solution was extremely well received by the hoteliers as well. Our client could now easily view customer accounts, orders, inventory and product data as everything was synced. Now, the company could maintain and keep a tab on all the orders and products at any time. 

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