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Client Objective



The first portal of its kind, our client offers great vacation packages for the local residents of Mauritius. Incorporating geo-based real-time recommendations, it is the best service available for last moment weekend getaway plans.

Their endeavor is to help local businesses grow by connecting them to thousands of new customers. The Mauritian members get the opportunity to search, save and enjoy the best local experiences at unmatched prices. 

The client does not just offer holiday packages, but also creates opportunities for its customers to explore Mauritius, its native culture, activities, restaurants, bed & breakfast, as well as promote eco-tourism. This helps the natural ecosystems survive and improves the overall traveling experience for its users.


Creating Web Application

The Drupal website was reeling with slow page speed and bad Most of the sales were happening through the desktop since it contributed to nearly 60% of the total traffic. Mobile conversions needed a push. 

Improve Website Accessibility

Their website and mobile apps were not accessible to users in the low network areas.  Due to a small delay in page response, the conversion rate had dropped by as much as 40%.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Our team of developers discovered that there was a need to create a buzz around the platform, and for that, a simplistic mobile experience had to be created that could cater to the new as well as existing customers.

This culminated in building a Progressive Web App (PWA) which better suited their needs.

Progressive web apps are single-page applications that have been progressively enhanced with features that bring about a more immersive, native app-like experience. A PWA could incorporate various features like push notifications, offline mode, and home screen shortcuts. These were easier to run on a standard browser.

This would also solve the problem of an inaccessible website in low network areas since a PWA would work fine on a slow internet connection. PWAs functioned no less than native apps, with instant loading to quick response.

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Furthermore, PWAs were capable of delivering an immersive experience. Full-screen capabilities, easy access, thanks to the “Add to Home Screen” option, and push notification features – all these could serve as great engagement tools.

Greater reliability, speed, and customer engagement play an important role in improving conversions. When customers find your app (or website, for that matter) hassle-free and worthy of their time, they are bound to visit again.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of PWAs was their ability to perform equally well across devices and platforms. This contributed to greatly improved accessibility and ease of functioning of the client website.


There was a huge surge in mobile conversions. Not only did it help improve organic scores for the platform, but it also made the checkout process simpler for its customers. They were now able to make faster transactions. This led to more conversions. 

Before PWA implementation, the client website had a high bounce rate. This was due to slow performance and caching issues on the mobile site. PWA transition brought down the bounce rate to 15% in 3 months flat.  There was a 40% surge in mobile conversions, and site users reported improvement in their satisfaction with the portal’s performance.

Customer sessions, and goal completion, including account creation, add to cart, and wishlist saw major improvement. Customer satisfaction increased significantly in just three months, surpassing the expectations of the client.

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