Case Study – How a US Online Liquor Retailer increased revenue by 50% in flat 6 months.

With the changing lifestyles and the adaptability to social drinking, almost 65% of Americans drink alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and distilled spirits.

Alcohol sales at retail locations in United States, reached an all time high of $25.2 billion in 2016, after continuously trending upwards for the past seven years. Rising by 2.4%, the spirit industry alone has ended up claiming 39.9% of the total alcohol market share, while the breweries – beer and wine, claimed 47% and 17.1% respectively.

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How we helped a Skincare Products Store increase their Adwords ROI by 5 times in just one year.

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How a US online Liquor Retailer increased Revenue using Google Adwords by 200 percent in just 6 months

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Case Study: How this US-based Dental Website Quadrupled its Organic traffic in 4 months flat

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