Doubling Domain Ratings Through Digital Marketing


Cybersecurity & Encryption


Link Building, Blog Writing 


Search Engine Optimization 

Client Objective

Lead Generation through Organic Traffic


In this time of data security breaches and hacking threats, our US based Client Consulting Services provides a unique blend of advisory expertise and consultations to successfully enable organizations to achieve their data security goals in confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  

Our customer is a customer-focused cyber-consulting firm providing an array of services in all aspects of Encryption. Their areas of expertise include public key infrastructure, enterprise key management, cloud key management, code-signing, hardware security modules, transparent data encryption, element level format preserving encryption, homomorphic encryption, and tokenization. 


Lack of Quality Content 

Content is a major component of how a website is rated by major search engines. The client’s website lacked fresh and relevant content leading to lower search position

Stiff Competition

The consulting industry is ruthless and there is no margin for error. Our client wanted to outdo four similar firms working the same consumer base as them.  

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Our customer was struggling with low search engine scores. We analyzed the key SEO parameters so as to have a baseline that could be used to measure against the upcoming improvement.  

The content of the website plays the most important part in helping the website rank in the top search results. We curated a set number of articles using power words, suited to the psychological need of the product, and created a blog section. 

Furthermore, we included the most relevant information for the visitors, keeping the descriptions below 165 characters, which helped avoid the truncation of meta descriptions in SERPs. We even resolved all crawl error issues by updating the client of their presence and location.  

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Targeting the right set of keywords is essential to improving website traffic. Identifying the keywords with high volume, low competition, and high conversion rates, we finalized 16 keywords to work on.  

We built backlinks on these keywords as the anchor text, focusing on niche-specific and long-tail keywords such as “pki design and implementation”. 

Besides, duplicate content is frowned upon by Google and can result in a drop in search engine ranking via algorithmic penalty. Addressing this issue, our developers implemented canonical tags to indicate which product pages we wanted to be indexed by Google, thereby eliminating the problem of redundant pages. 

In addition, we incorporated contextual backlinks through guest posting on websites having a similar niche and high quality. Adding and validating the website in local business listings helped boost awareness in the vicinity of the client.   

  • Link Building: We did Quality Link Building on Targeted Keywords.
  • Blog Writing: We started publishing & optimizing 5 Blogs/Month on the client site.   
  • Resolving all Crawl Error issues: Multiple 404 Page issues resolved.
  • Off-Page SEO Activities like Biz Listing and Content Syndication were a big boost. 


We took on this project in March 2021, setting up a baseline for significant SEO parameters. After implementing digital marketing strategies in our client’s business, we again measured the parameters. Significant improvements were noted, such as: 

  • DR (Domain Rating) of the website Doubled 
  • Total Number of Keywords increased by ~18X 
  • We were able to beat 3 out of the 4 Competitors in just 9 Months 
  • 15 out of the 16 Targeted Keywords are now on the 1st Page 

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