Enhancing Dual Channel Sales By Improving Website Features


Tools & Storage


Optimization of the Key Landing Pages and Forms, Integration of Leads Generated with Drip Marketing 


WordPress, WooCommerce  

Client Objective

Improve E-commerce Website Feature to Increase Platform Viability


Customer is a US based brand selling high-quality tools and tool bags that can stand up to the rigors of daily work. It offers bags and storage solutions for all trades, including HVAC/R technicians, electricians, plumbers, A/V and security technicians, MRI technicians, carpenters, marine technicians, mechanics, and every technician and contractor.  

Customer makes tool backpacks, bags, pouches, meter pouches, tool aprons, tool totes, and wall/van organizers and is solely focused and dedicated to designing and manufacturing a premium range of tool bags and storage solutions unlike its competitors who are tool companies that also offer tool bags as a secondary product line. 

The client’s vision for their brand was to create a center panel tool bag with an injection molded plastic base and he prototyped the idea in 1998, frustrated with the lack of functional and high-quality tool bags on the market. He was confident that tradesmen who cared about their work and bought high quality tools would also be we willing to pay for high quality and functional tool bags, and that confidence has led to customer becoming the global leader in the premium tool bag market. 


Integrated Lead Generation

Customer has a B2B & D2C business model that relies heavily on dealers, distributors and sales representatives. Their main source of lead generation were their online forms, which were not contributing significantly to the revenue.  

Webpage Optimization

There was a lack of organization on the product listing pages. Warranties and authorizations also needed a proper channel of working methods. The landing page was not properly optimized for conversions.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

The first step to a resolution is to pinpoint a problem area and understand the constraints surrounding it. Our client was dealing with two types of business models- B2B and D2C, each with a different array of obstacles.  

B2B included sales channels divided into dealers, distributors and direct sales reps, which needed network expansion and diversion of traffic to increase sales. Meanwhile, the D2C included retail sales that had product listings and enablement of online product purchase, as well as customer service for direct purchases.  

To tackle the problems, different strategies had to be evolved with deliberate consideration. Their web portal was catering to both, and the brand’s marketing too had to include the same. Their online marketing spends included SEO and ads, while offline involvement was in exhibitions and expos. They regularly published news articles focused on product innovation.  

The web portal had to be customized for both the business types with separate features catering to the buyer type. 

For B2B, we created a dealer’s network, with registrations and approval requests, as well as a locator to find a nearby dealer on the product purchase page. The users could also request a catalogue, enable bulk purchases, and there was instituted a special group program that facilitated bulk orders from organizations such as the fleets, governments, military or universities. There was also a custom logo program for student groups.  

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Furthermore, we added distributor onboarding programs within the Affiliates and Sales Reps Portal, that included lead generation activities like Contact Us & Inquiry Forms for Reps, Distributors, Dealers. There were also added discount programs for bulk purchases. 

For D2C medium, an e-commerce module was set up for direct purchases. Marketplace selling like Amazon and eBay were incorporated on the website, and online payments and instalments were made available. Certain group promotions were only made to be applicable to on-site wide sales and not via dealers. We added features like Waitlist for Out-of-Stock products and enabled e-commerce features like Best Sellers, site wide search, Chatbot, Abandoned Cart and others. There was also a section for warranty registration and claims.  

The client was also keen on upgrading the overall experience of the portal, with the introduction of a referral program and associated benefits, as well as re-order and inventory tracking for replenishment of stock and demand forecast. We pitched in an addition of mobile app for easy access, as 75% of visitors browse websites through mobile devices.  

Unoptimized mobile experience and unresponsive website for different screen sizes reduced site performance. Even the marketing plan was not in sync with the website. A restructuring of product pages for both desktop and mobile devices was the need of the hour.  

We began by redefining mobile user journey based on the target segment, integrating marketing plan with website with features like newsletter, push notifications and recommendations. The introduction of Loyalty Program further helped in increasing the number of returning visitors and also it could be seen as branding or as a mini advertisement opportunity towards the right audience. 

In addition, the website already had a chatbot integration but its performance was quite poor. The bot showed slow recommendations, and had limited options and missing personalization. 

 The chatbots had only a few lists of queries and answers in its database. It could easily be further optimized to serve various other major purposes such as increasing engagements, lead generations, and 24/7 customer support.

Engagements were increased through these improved Chatbots which could provide suggestions based on customer choices like age, gender or usage, and make recommendations on the products that could be bought together. This increased cross-selling of items.  


The client was impressed with the amount of work done in a duration of months. During the website walkthrough, our team made sure to note down and offer alternatives to the techniques the client did not find suitable to their brand image. They were happy to note that the website now had user generated content & a merchant community. Valid customers could upload photos/videos and tag the products directly. There was now a Brand Community with product usage videos and reviews, that helped boost sales and provide an authentic vibe to other online buyers.

Through the marketing skills, we ensured that the Customer team could push for paid marketing– Collection Ads, Video Ads, Google Product Ads & Google Shopping Campaign and Social Media Advertisements. 

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