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Client Objective

Improvement in Website Performance & SERF


Our latest customer story is about a Sweden based audio visual store struggling with slow website performance and low search engine rankings.  

Customer follow a simple philosophy: good sound waves save lives. They believe that good stuff makes a difference. They love and breathe hi-fi, and help people experience it the same way. They take care of everything, from the choice of speaker cables to its installation in their customer’s living room. 

They wanted their website to reflect that same dedication towards great quality sound and appliances.  


Poor Mobile Responsiveness 

Poor user interface led to losing out on the customer base for the client and given the changing times as most of the clients are now moving on to the Mobile, this became a constant issue. 

Internal Communication Gap

There was no software to establish an effective communication between different departments and there was growing need to bridge that gap for better facilitation of the team.  

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Customer was struggling with slow performance and major downtime errors. As the website database got accumulated from increasingly large number of orders received, the users started facing login errors. This led to even more customer queries, reducing the business performance.   

In addition, the client faced operational issues such as server downtime, security patches, and a lack of timely updates. The client was unable to focus on marketing, given the time they lost in tackling the challenges faced by them on their website. There was also a delay in notifications for orders. 

Thus, when the client reached out to us, the page was poorly ranked over the search engines, leading to low returns of their investments.  

After an in-depth analysis, we were tasked with a complete revamp of the website. Our team mapped out a plan of action to boost the website core vitals and add features to make the management of orders efficient.  

First, we provided a filter to the products available on the website that helped to quickly categorize the items based on tags, titles, and variables. There were options that allowed customers a choice of local pickup as well as one that enabled them to enjoy a contactless delivery. Such deliveries were one of the top priorities of customers in the wake of covid-19.  

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


After the transition, the client was successfully able to function both offline and online, with better customer support 24/7. Any technical problem faced by the client with the platform was resolved as quickly as possible, helping to focus on the business aspect of things.  

The customer now had access to flexible management of different aspects of the store through one application. They could handle multiple order placements, customer queries, goods, and staff members highly efficiently. 

Moreover, better website performance led to a significant drop in user conflicts, since our solution integrated multiple applications and themes, eventually scaling up the search engine rankings. 

Our customer was finally able to implement better marketing procedures, securing more effective traffic sources that could generate better following for the website. This improved their SEO parameters as well as enhanced their brand recognition. 


The finished product with improvements to its design and features enabled the customer to regularly check out the conversion details. They now had the system in place to receive timely notifications of orders. The management system built was effective in establishing a proper channel of communication within the employees of the team. Timely details on sales and traffic data were automatically sent to the client. Thus, the project was completed with proper approvals from the clients. 

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