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How Salesforce Integration With Our Client’s Drupal Website Helped Their Business

The Client

Strategic Dentistry consists of over 3,000 members committed to offering safe dentistry to all patients, including those suffering from anxiety. DOCS Education community, subsidiary of SD offers continuing education and DOCS Education graduates have safely treated over 2 million patients. They offer knowledge resources for dentists across US and Canada like courses, seminars, webinars and many dentistry resources. They also provide memberships and dental products at a discounted rates for members. Strategic dentistry has three websites all of them have membership benefits spread across them. It works mainly in Oral Sedation Dentistry and Paediatric Sedation Dentistry. Here is the link: www.docseducation.com

Integration Requirements

Automated data updates from CRM (Salesforce): The SD team was transitioning to Salesforce as their CRM and planned to use Salesforce as central repository for keeping log of members, products and transactions. They envisioned every update to take place in SF and sync to Drupal and every new order that comes through the website should be synced to SF.

Salesforce integration with Membership System: They wanted to have a integration gateway that would support two way sync between both the systems, pushing Drupal Membership System’s data to Salesforce as well as pulling, or importing, Salesforce data into Drupal and allowing changes to be made synchronously after a fixed interval of time.

Salesforce-Quickbooks Integration: They also wanted to have a two way integration between Salesforce with their accounting software QuickBooks to make it easier for their Sales representatives to get access to financial data, check accounts, view customer sales and touchpoints from their Salesforce accounts and also update changes made for Customer accounts in Salesforce to their matched Quickbooks account.

Integration Solutions

Salesforce is now used as the CRM and any update on the website takes place via Salesforce. The customer service representatives update Salesforce and all corresponding permissions are provided in Drupal.

Membership System integration with Salesforce: Membership benefits spread across 3 websites to provide discount on courses on education portal, discount on products in ecommerce platform and premium listing on patient portal to provide leads to dentists.

This membership system is integrated with Salesforce and takes care of off-line purchases. The customer service representatives adds a new member on Salesforce and the integration triggers all member rights to the new member on the websites.

Salesforce – Quickbooks integration has allowed their sales team to view open balances in Salesforce, even if the information was entered in QuickBooks. Also, when someone on the sales team enters customer details in Salesforce, the accounting department can create an invoice in QuickBooks without re-entering the data.

Drupal- Salesforce Integration Benefits

Integrating Salesforce with Strategic Dentistry Drupal website helped them in many ways:-

Increased productivity – Earlier the teams had to do a lot of cutting and pasting of data to ensure it appeared in all systems. This manual process lead to mistakes and lot of time getting wasted. After the integration the system has now automated checks to ensure consistent information is available everywhere and issues related to duplication of data have also been resolved.

Effortless access to data – The integrated system now allows data to be accessed from all the connected systems. Since more data is available now for the sales team, they convert this into meaningful information and helps them in making better forecasting decisions.

Improved Sales Workflow – Now the Sales team can schedule product demos directly from Salesforce without having them to leave the platform. This activity gets automatically recorded on that Lead or Contact and thus saving sales employees time.

Insightful reporting – Sales employees now get more detailed and relevant reports that helps them to analyse the requirements of customers better and offer them personalised solutions.

Integration System

The information stored in this commerce database is fetched by a Drupal 8 custom module which contains- Membership API (SSO, user data written and accessed over API). This modules are present over all the websites to fetch user data.

Membership database stores membership details of all users and the course status (pending/complete) with the help of membership and course identifiers. This commerce database also syncs seamlessly with Salesforce and Quickbooks to sync online and offline orders.

Use Cases Salesforce – Quickbooks Integration

The Two way integration between Salesforce – Quickbooks provided the opportunity to see QuickBooks data from within Salesforce, and also for Salesforce users to send information to QuickBooks, cutting down on double entry and giving salespeople visibility into accounting.

These are some of the Use Cases for Salesforce CRM and Quickbooks integration we did for Strategic Dentistry.

Use Case 1 – Customer Sync: Quickbooks to Salesforce

Strategic Dentistry uses Quickbooks as the main application to maintain customer and invoice information. The integration helped moving customer/ donor information from Quickbooks to Salesforce so staff can have access to all the same data in Salesforce. This covered:

  • New Customer in Quickbooks will create a new account in Salesforce
  • An updated customer in Quickbooks, will update the corresponding account in Salesforce

Use Case 2 – Account Sync: Salesforce to Quickbooks

Salesforce was synced to the website to have a system of record for online and offline orders, and while Quickbooks was used for invoicing and accounting only. Integration between the two helped accounts entered in Salesforce to be automatically synced with Quickbooks. This covered:

New accounts in Salesforce create a new customer in Quickbooks

An updated account in Salesforce updates the corresponding customer in Quickbooks

Use Case 3 – Invoice Sync: Salesforce to Quickbooks

This use case included the processing of invoices and payments, which is done in Quickbooks to automatically generate invoices in Salesforce, either as opportunities that were closed, or when custom payment/invoice were created. This covered:

  • A new closed opportunity in Salesforce creates an invoice in Quickbooks.
  • An updated closed opportunity in Salesforce that is marked as won, creates an invoice in Quickbooks.
  • A new custom payment/invoice in Salesforce creates a new invoice in Quickbooks.

How the Salesforce – Quickbooks Integration helped

Sharing Data – Integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce provided their sales team with a practical way to connect customer information with the financial aspects of a business. The process allowed businesses to share key data, including sales information and made it easier to create invoices and accounts receivable, etc.

Automated Workflows – The integration helped in creating automated workflows to save time and reduce the chance of errors when synchronizing data between Salesforce and Quickbooks.

Some of these were pre-built workflows while some unique automated workflows were created as per the requirements. This automated the sync process and reduced the turnaround time.

Single System- The integration helped in creating transactions, such as estimates, invoices, and sales receipts in one system and also allowed to view customized reports with insights for better forecasting.