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Client Objective

Implement Better Membership Model and Content Management System


Customer is an educational Nonprofit organization headquartered in California that provides low-cost learning and networking opportunities to law enforcement teams, attorneys, public and private sector investigators, auditors and other risk management professionals in the US.

It also administers the Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) designation, helping members who work in the anti-fraud profession achieve leadership, attain higher levels of recognition, authenticate skills and transform knowledge into a meaningful career. 

Being a member of NASBA, MCLE, POST, CFS-CPE, the organization believes quality training should be within affordable reach of every anti-fraud professional, with the importance of standards in education held in high regard.

Being a membership focused organization, the client wanted to customize their Salesforce NPSP which could keep their membership, training and events information organized and was scalable as the number of members would grow. 


Poor Content Management

Customer had been using a legacy system ‘iMIS’ to manage their memberships; the data exported from iMIS was found to be highly inconsistent, causing poor results, duplicative efforts, and wasted time. It was difficult to send customized information based on membership level, interaction, and campaign, and to manage the increasing number of memberships as the organization scaled up. The existing process was not designed with growth in mind.

Ineffective Expense Tracking

Events and conferences have been a critical component of the Customer model since inception, as a key platform for educating law enforcement officials and other risk management professionals. Manual management made it very difficult to engage members through events, programs and conferences. One of the flaws in the previous model was its inability to track these components in an automated, clean, and related fashion. Invoicing and financials were tracked manually, through paper forms. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Based on our initial fact-finding discussion, we understood that Customer long-term organization objective is to build a larger community and create a buzz around the organization. This required implementing a membership-focused NPSP solution that could manage all constituents effectively, enhance operational efficiency, and provide a one-stop-shop for all of their organizational needs. 

Customer selected Salesforce through the Power of Us program on The ‘Power of Us’ program provides registered nonprofits with 10 free user licenses; any additional license would come at a fraction of the cost. The Power of Us Program provides a user interface that overlays the Enterprise platform; this means Nonprofits receive the same powerful platform as some of the largest Enterprises in the country, but with a nonprofit interface at a fraction of the cost. 

Simplified data collection through NPSP made it very easy to collect and load data from various sources. Putting the data in the CRM with all the relevant information created a consolidated view, while refining and restricting the field structure streamlined the data quality. Because the data was sourced from another CRM, converting the data into Salesforce friendly terminology was the first step, followed by scrubbing the data and completing several system loads. 

Reports and dashboards, designed exclusively to the objectives of Customer’s, ensured that information about constituents could be extracted in real-time by any of the users. Reports that used to take hours to days to compile now take minutes. With information on their constituents, programs, and events now transparent and readily available, the team was more engaged and enthusiastic about the overall progress of the organization. 

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Salesforce provided streamlined event management through “Campaigns”. For Customer, this included Parent Campaigns and Child Campaigns. This allowed all event tracking to occur in a single consolidated location, such as calls, emails, invitations and costs/revenue. 

Scalable membership supports an ever-increasing number of members joining through various channels. Through NPSP, the Customer national office and network of chapters operated more efficiently and are now organized. All member details are now centralized on one platform, storing details like contact information, payment history, education details. 

To support the expense management component, we built out the “Expense” functionality; this allowed for receipts, payroll, and other expenses to be tracked directly on the source. If an event is scheduled under a “Campaign”, expenses such as food, hall rental, and payroll, would be logged as an “Expense” recorded under the Campaign. The Zapier integration sent the expense data to QuickBooks, providing detailed reporting, and giving a much better understanding of the impact events have on the organization. 


The implementation has helped Customer streamline its processes, manage and track constituents more effectively, thus ensuring significant improvement in operational efficiency.

In addition, the Nonprofit Success Pack configuration will help keep membership, training, and event information organized and easy to manage given the scalable nature of the platform. 

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