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Client Objective

Add Features to Online Education Portal to Maintain Management Efficiency


With the huge spike in smartphone and internet penetration, online healthcare has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. This has triggered huge competition in the global healthcare market. Healthcare aggregators, catering to increasing demand, are going head-to-head, using every means available to get ahead.

Our Customer in focus, Strategic Dentistry, a dental aggregator, has over three thousand members committed to offering safe dentistry to all patients, including those suffering from anxiety. Their subsidiary DOCS Education community offers knowledge resources for dentists across US and Canada, having safely treated over two million patients. They also provide membership discounts for dental products. 


Automating Data Updates

The Customer planned to use Salesforce as a central repository for keeping a log of members, products and transactions. They envisioned every update to take place in SF and sync to Drupal. Every new order that comes through the website should be synced to SF.

QuickBooks Integration

The Customer wanted to have a two-way integration between Salesforce with their accounting software QuickBooks to make it easier for their Sales representatives to get access to financial data, check accounts, view customer sales and touchpoints from their Salesforce accounts and also update changes made for customer accounts in Salesforce to their matched QuickBooks account.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Our Customer already had a functioning website on Drupal that they were quite satisfied with. But they wanted to add some Salesforce benefits to their online business portal to further their improvement. 

The customer was very clear about what they were looking for- an integration gateway that would support two-way sync between both the systems, pushing Drupal Membership System’s data to Salesforce as well as pulling, or importing Salesforce data into Drupal and allowing changes to be made synchronously after a fixed interval.

We began with the creation of a streamlined system to power through the integration of the different content management channels, and drawing up a map of how they were supposed to interact with each other, what all data needed to be shared within the platforms, and the permission divide that had to be installed. 

The installation of Salesforce and QuickBooks with Drupal was efficiently managed by a core team dedicated to this merger project. 

Any changes to the website were routed to Salesforce. Earlier the teams had to do a lot of cutting and pasting of data to ensure it appeared in all systems. This manual process led to mistakes and a lot of time getting wasted.

 The customer service representatives could now easily update Salesforce and provide permission through Drupal. The membership benefits were spread across three websites to provide discounts on courses on the education portal, e-commerce platform, and premium listing on patient portals to provide leads to dentists.

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


This membership system was integrated with Salesforce to take care of off-line purchases. The customer service representatives could add a new member via Salesforce and the integration would trigger all members right to the new member on the websites.

The Salesforce – QuickBooks integration allowed the sales team to view open balances in Salesforce, even if the information was entered in QuickBooks. Furthermore, if a sales team member entered customer details in Salesforce, the accounting department could easily create an invoice in QuickBooks without re-entering the data.

The two-way integration between Salesforce – QuickBooks provided the opportunity to see QuickBooks data from within Salesforce, and also for Salesforce users to send information to QuickBooks, cutting down on double entry and giving salespeople visibility into accounting.

The integration helped in moving customer/donor information from QuickBooks to Salesforce to Drupal so staff can have access to all the same data in any system. Any new addition or modification to QuickBooks or Drupal would reflect on the Salesforce records as well and vice versa. 


Integrating Salesforce with Drupal website and QuickBooks facilitated easier management of all the information collected on the websites maintained by Strategic Dentistry. The system now has automated checks to ensure consistent information is available everywhere and issues related to duplication of data have also been resolved.

Since more data is available now for the sales team, they convert this into meaningful information that helps them in making better forecasting decisions. The Sales team can schedule product demos directly from Salesforce without having to leave the platform. This activity gets automatically recorded on the Lead or Contact, thus saving sales employees’ time.

The process allowed businesses to share key data, including sales information, and made it easier to create invoices and accounts receivable. The creation of automated workflows saved time and reduced the chance of errors when synchronizing data between Salesforce and QuickBooks. Overall, it proved to be a successful operation. 

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