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Client Objective



Founded in 2011, Customer is the largest online retailer of hair, and beauty products in Zürich, Switzerland. They offer a complete set of services for natural, mixed, and curly hair with a nail studio for manicures, & pedicures.

Besides being a cosmetic studio for facials, waxing, and eyelash extensions, they also offer care advice and special treatments for women with ethnic hair. Their customers can make appointments for sessions online or in-store. 


Update Required

Their website needed a major overhaul. It was reeling under the traffic load, and its design elements had obvious flaws that needed to be solved. Migration or upgradation were the only two choices.

High Maintenance Cost

They were dependent on developers for day-to-day tasks. Their team could hardly focus on other important functions including sales and marketing. They were struggling to keep maintenance costs under control.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Based on our discussion with their team and our analysts, we identified some areas of major concern. First, their website needed major changes in the UI & UX, and a complete makeover including layout, cart, checkout page. 

Second, their website was on Magento 1.9, support for which had ended in June 2020. With the release of the new version, they had 2 options to pick one from, either upgrade to Magento’s new version or migrate to a SAAS-based platform such as Shopify.

The client opted to migrate to Shopify, as it is fairly easy to maintain without the hassles of self-hosting. This is one of the prime reasons why Shopify is fast becoming the preferred choice of new eCommerce stores. Since Shopify is self-hosted, one doesn’t have to worry about page speed, and loading time.

Customer required a website with seamless migration of the platform without any business disruption, outage or downtime. It was important to retain their SEO score too. 

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


We began with an initial assessment of all the content on the existing website, sorting them into what to migrate and what to discard. Then we set up a Shopify store, backed up the Magento store, and performed primary migration.

The functionalities and extensions required were implemented. When we hosted the new website, we ran initial tests to understand the user experience and responsiveness of the platform.

After error correction, and checking the web store once again for any remaining bad elements, we unrolled the website for common use, after redirecting the traffic from the older site.

We made quite a few aesthetic alterations together with a bucket load of dynamic transitions and enhancements that further reduced the bounce rate. The end-user features and functionalities were replicated for Shopify with the use of custom-built and other third-party Shopify apps on the Shopify app store.

 Furthermore, in order to retain SEO while transitioning, we carried out activities in three phases- pre, during, and post-upgrade, creating backlinks, launching architectural audits, and keyword analysis.


Normally if the migration process is not done properly, a site may lose entire SEO juice and end up with a negligible presence in Google search results. However, due to our unique and well-defined approach, we were able to migrate successfully without taking a hit. 

Customer now has a state-of-the-art online shop. Their traffic and sales were retained. In fact, the first month saw an increase in sales by 10%, significant improvement in UI & UX, and the site SEO and metrics remained unaffected. 

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