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Developing an online education policy tool for one of the biggest CSR project.


The Client

Intel works with governments worldwide to help them develop Education Policies based on the conceptual framework developed by Dr. Robert Kozma. Intel Education wanted to develop the online education policy tool in collaboration with Ebizon. This project was initiated for the policymakers around the globe to help develop Education Policy Documents online with the aim to have the capabilities and support collaborative editing and to allow for more flexibility to adapt the initial document framework to local requirements.



How multiple stakeholders at different locations can collaborate; customize the framework, Policy document through a cloud-based application?

Policy Makers were using the desktop tool for the purpose of policy creation. But stakeholders felt constrained by the offline nature of the desktop application and they kept asking for more collaborative features, more resources, more flexibility, and more customization.

So with this feedback, Intel decided to collaborate with Ebizon and brainstorm a way to keep what was good about the offline tool while addressing the feedback from folks in the field.

Our Solution

Comprehensive, Flexible, & Extensible -Intel Education Policy tool (IEPT)

Ebizon helped Intel Corporate Social Responsibility Group to design and develop an online tool with the easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for Policymakers to modify, customize throughout the four-phase policy development process. Policymakers has easy access to an extensive collection of global policy resources including case studies, reports, best practice policy documents, and videos that help in presenting global array of policy contexts.

PS: The above screenshot displays the navigation system of the Master framework. This displays how a user can move from one phase to another. The members of the framework are being listed in the left-hand area, the corresponding color to the member displays the role that has been assigned to them.

Additionally, this online tool allows for regular updates to content, features, and resources. It also makes the tool available to anyone with internet access and has been designed to work on a number of platforms and form factors (i.e. tablets).

This online tool enabled them to provide a robust set of new features that were requested by our stakeholders. These features fall into two broad categories: customization and collaboration. Some of the features of the online tool has been highlighted below

Collaboration: Comment & Review

Because the tool now supports multiple users, authors can work together to draft the policy and give feedback to each other on any section of the policy. In addition, once the sections have been “approved” by the owner of a document, they become available for stakeholders to review and provide feedback.

P.S: The above screenshot demonstrates how policymakers actually create the policy within the policy work area. While other policymakers can collaborate/review/provide feedback through the chatting mechanism (Shown in the left side)

PS: The above screenshot displays how phases, steps are being laid out in the policy work area.

Resources Library

The online tool also has the curated Master resource Library of high-quality assets that are divided up into eight categories including case studies, process documents, and inspirational videos. The value of the online tool is the ability to add custom, locally relevant resources by the policymakers.

The online tool provides the ability for users (Document owners, Curators, etc.) to add and share their own localized resources– ones that might be more appropriate for their context. They can also create new categories, as well as “tag” resources to help find and organize local content.

P.S: The above image displays the resource library. The resource categories are being listed in the left block.


EbizOn helped Intel education to build an online policy tool that allowed the Global policymakers to come together and collaborate for the policies.

This platform helped in bringing the best practice to the local communities.

The online education tool allowed collaboration and draft policies for various government/ institutions and involved various stakeholders across the globe.

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