How this UK-based Education Platform Streamlined its Content Management & Operations

Our client, Macmillan Education had major dependency on its technology team for tasks like publishing, and managing content. They needed an easy-to-use, and intuitive Content Management System to enable their non-technical staff to take over these tasks.

They were also struggling to streamline their operational work.

Why was it difficult managing content on their website? 

Their website was built in 2002, much before the era of CMS.  The site was barely good offering negligible features and functions. Even the tasks like editing, deleting, adding new content required a technically skilled person.

How did we solve it?

We developed a new website based on Drupal CMS.

Since task flow and sharing of confidential files within different departments required a close tracking and supervision, an internal tracking system was needed. Using Drupal, we built one. The system was created to help the HR, and other teams to track and manage their everyday tasks efficiently.

We developed an intranet solution on Drupal for smooth tracking, and sharing of confidential files for new publications across departments. The intranet solution also eased tracking of approvals happening at multiple levels.


  • Macmillan staff mostly worked in the field and visited office/ regional centers once a week or fortnight. Keeping a track of their attendance and leave approvals on emails was challenging.
  • With intranet in place, HR processes like leave approvals, employee issues, onboarding, processing salaries, etc. became smoother.
  • Sharing of confidential files across departments was now easier. Approval tracking was effortless.
  • The major pain in their arm was publishing, and managing content. This was now simplified. Macmillan was no more dependent on its IT staff to look into these tasks.