Market Spark: All Online Business Needs Solution

Market Spark: All Online Business Needs Solution

An online exhibition is all it takes to generate maximum profitability out of your business. Hence, we at Ebizon, have equipped all the extraordinary web hosting tools with us which would work to provide you with exceptional e-commerce solutions after you subscribe to our Market Spark service.

Through our exclusive Market Spark product, we provide all the necessary e-commerce tools and services to your website, starting with a suitable domain to an easily accessible payment gateway. You can subscribe to Market Spark for an out-of-the-box hosting package which works to figure out the needful things and attach them all in your business.

Web Hosting and Management

  • Personalized Domain:- We work to recognize a domain according to the nature of your business. Ebizon works to select a domain for your business which would be more visible over the Internet and to your customers on an easy note.
  • Sufficient Web Space:- From 100 MB to 1GB, we easily provide you with sufficient web space which would be enough to store necessary information over your website.
  • Content Management Tool:- After designing and developing your site, we believe in giving all its access to you. With Market Spark, you can get a Content Management Tool (CMT) which enables you to manipulate content over your web pages.

Market Spark Tools

  • Payment Gateway Integration:- We equip a proficient payment gateway to your e-commerce website which could enable you to carry out payment receipt transactions on an easy note.
  • Shopping Cart:- While designing the e-commerce objects for your site, we design a Shopping Cart for your clients, so that they end up doing a convenient and revisit the site regularly in future.
  • E-Shop:- You try hard to retain your customers by ensuring a comfort for them and we work the same way. By attaching an E-Shop feature to your website, we assure a customer friendly approach within your portal.
  • Wish List:- Let your customers record their desires. With the exclusive Wish List feature we enable your customers to make a list of their needs so that they can buy it out in the near future.


With the exclusive feature of reports, you can find a much needed transparency for your business. Here we provide you with the applications necessary to judge or analyse the condition of your products and business related activities.

Our Services Include

  • Sales Report:- We create this report format to ensure you with an utmost comfort in the process of tracking your sales transactions. This application makes makes your work simpler and time convenient for you.
  • Customer Report:- It’s important to keep a watch over your customers as this helps you to know the additions and reductions in your clientèle. With our exclusive ‘Customer Report’ feature, you can track your clients and retain them for a long time.
  • Product Report:- Inventory management is an important task for any business and the same goes with e-commerce also. Which product you have sold and which one is still with you, could easily be figured out with the help of ‘Product Report’ feature.