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Client Objective

Increase User Base Through Website Migration


For more than three decades, a Singapore-based business directory was solely dependent on the paper industry for its basic day-to-day functioning and circulation.  Till big tomes of information were rapidly discarded for sleeker mediums, and our client updated their circulation method, doing away with the physical means and going online. 

Back then, Drupal came to the rescue, with a functional website that could manage its viewer load.

Technology evolved rapidly, and the Drupal website soon lost its charm, becoming outdated and a hassle for the client to deal with. They quickly looked for better options. They needed to evolve fast to compete with other similar services. 


Outdated Drupal Website

The Drupal 7 website was reeling with slow page speed and bad performance. A rudimentary site could not fulfill the requirements of modern consumers, used to fast-paced scrolling. 

Unhelpful Search Mechanism

A strong search mechanism was missing, that had included keywords suggestions and showed the best matching results in the least possible time. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

We came up with the answer to our client’s overall dilemma and decided to migrate from Drupal to a sleeker, faster, and much more user-friendly CMS- WordPress. Our core objectives for the new website were set, taking into consideration the client’s needs and wishes.

The new website needed to have a better, simpler CMS that makes it easier to add and update content as needed by the admin and marketing teams of the client. In addition, we had to provide a better and mobile-optimized user interface with a new theme, customized as per the layouts and branding as well as the navigation structure.

We had to improve the user experience, and include faster search results with a custom search mechanism. The key functionality was to create a business directory and multilevel search.

We incorporated a streamlined marketplace feature for service providers to list their services and promote their listing, and an option for customers to inquire about the services they required and check the location of related businesses.

Furthermore, we retained the search rankings and made sure the overall platform performs better in terms of speed and accuracy, after the migration. Our team also hoped to provide a scalable system keeping in mind the future requirements – reporting with data studio, maintenance, and other development as well as marketing-related efforts. 

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


There was no third-party plugin dependency. The in-house custom search implementation with full control was accorded to the client.  There were defined fields and logic for filtering and sorting.  Ajax-based search keywords suggestions made for a much better user experience.

In addition, we followed a certain additional set of steps to take care of the SEO, page speed, and performance. We included 301 redirects to maintain ranking with google, retain visitors and prevent loss of backlinks after migration.

We created a new XML sitemap and optimized page headings, title tags, and meta descriptions.  We organized internal linking, caching to improve page speed, optimized images, no index tag pages & other low-value content, as well as removed unused JavaScript.

We made sure to avoid multiple page redirects, compress the JavaScript, and removed any unused CSS. In the end, we checked for the presence of any 404 errors. 

Moreover, searching was based on the exact keyword match as well as partial description text match, depending on the specific attribute.   The search engine made sure there was an additional field for the advertiser’s pricing plan (Gold plus, Gold, Silver, Bronze) in the back-end to facilitate tagging and sorting.

On the new website, the search results with 10 listings per page, are sorted by their pricing plan in order of hierarchy.


We made sure to document the existing user journey and identified the specific interventions needed at each checkpoint to improve the user journey for different personas.

Be it the smooth checkout process in the marketplace, the inquiries, or the search and appropriate results, there were various changes done keeping in mind the proper call to action at each stage to keep the user engaged. 

With a significant 20% increase in users accessing the directory using their mobile phones, it has been optimized for handheld devices and tested to provide optimum performance across all platforms.

The bounce rates decreased by 25% and there was a 50% increase in the revenue generated by the site. All in all, WordPress migration and design with us proved to be a great decision for our client.

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