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Client Objective

Improvement in Website Management and Ease in Content Addition


Customer is the online home of DeGraff Stables. They started their journey in 1985, with focus on breeding and raising athletic horses that are competitive in a host of English venues on the flat, over fence and in dressage, for the top professional yet great minded enough to be suitable for amateur and youth riders. Since inception, their breeding programs have helped them raise excellent offspring who have won World and National titles in most all major venues for the English type horse. 

Their website serves as a platform for DeGraff team to showcase their champion stallions and promote their breeding programs. It engages potential customers by sharing information about the breed, profile and past winning track record. It also provides regular updates to their audience about upcoming events; participation & sales offers.  


Website Migration to WordPress

Migration of the website from Adobe BC site to WordPress included moving all of their data, that included 500 site pages, 10 blogs with 30,000 comments, & 1000+ media files associated with various stallions and their offspring to the new website and redirecting all the earlier links to maintain SERF ranking. 

Maintain Data Integrity

The segregation and accumulation of data on the new website, especially the genetic tree, had to be identical to the earlier website was a key factor as potential buyers are very keen on considering the past genetic lineage while making their decisions. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Customer approached us for website migration. Originally, its website was based on Adobe Business Catalyst which was approaching ‘End of Line’ in September’21. The website had a huge amount of data that had accumulated while it was operational for 10 years on Adobe BC.  

The website also served as a database for DeGraff Stables. On the website each stallion’s own family line/tree was saved separately, with their offspring and associated information. It was very critical to maintain accurate genetic information of each generation of horses.  

The client requested to retain the original website design, while enhancing its mobile responsiveness. We had to lead a custom design implementation.  

The original website did not support mobile responsive design. We suggested migrating to WordPress, which could easily aid in mobile responsiveness in design and allowed multi-browser compatibility.  

The client was also suffering from difficulty in adding new content and pages to the Adobe website. WordPress offered an ease of adding and updating content for the client’s internal team.  

Earlier the website layout was unstructured. To increase website organization, data and disassociated mapping of images was included in the new website, which included re-structuring of data and correct mapping of images and family/genetic lineage. 

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


A custom functionality was added to associate each horse and mare with different tags that would help with related user search. The degree of freedom in updating functionalities of the original website was quite low. Moving to WP allowed for a higher degree of freedom in terms of design improvements and functionality addition such as the addition of an eCommerce store to the website.  

The Adobe website also had many errors in its social media feed and newsletter subscription feature. In lieu of that, WordPress allowed for a quick update of social media feed from platforms such as Facebook.  

The high operational costs were also reduced and with an increase in uptime.


EbizON successfully migrated the site to WordPress moving all of client’s data to the new platform. Our team improved and added multiple functionalities which had not been working properly, such as the social media feeds of the website.  

The client was impressed by our work ethic and focus on details. They liked that we took regular approvals on milestones and appreciated the efforts put in by the complete project delivery team. 

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