Mobile Text Messaging Using Drupal

Mobile Text Messaging Made Easy Using Drupal CMS

These days large scale organizations are providing custom-designed applications to suit the needs of the vast mobile community spread across the world. Internet giants like Facebook and Twitter have rolled out customized applications to provide for a great user experience. All of it makes sense because of the rapid advancement in mobile technology and the growing user base especially in developing countries.

How could Drupal lag behind and not pitch in towards an exciting mobile phone experience? Drupal has already proven its mettle as an exciting and user-friendly open-source Content Management System (CMS) and it now comes equipped with a SMS Framework (developed extensively thanks to the SMS Framework Group )which basically enables Drupal-powered websites to interact with mobile phone users. Isn’t that great? Drupal and Excellence are undoubtedly synonyms as the powerful and interactive community of Drupal users on a regular basis brainstorm to bring best features to the fore.

Mobile Text Messaging using the Drupal CMS offers the following benefits:

  • Send text messages in batches to Drupal users
  • Lets users send nodes to mobile phones
  • Allows storage of a large amount of mobile phone information for the benefit of Drupal users
  • Sending messages using compatible gateways such as Clickatel, Gnokii, Kannel, Mobile Muse, etc.

Ebizon, a leading Drupal Development service provider is a perfect example to illustrate excellent integration of Mobile Text Messaging with a Drupal-powered site.

Ebizon partnered one of their clients Tween Tribune and deployed a brilliant integration wherein registered users could get latest Tween news as text messages directly on to their mobile phones. Download the SMS Framework now to explore its immense functionalities.