New module released – Content Slider

New module released – Content Slider

Solving problems of many, Ebizon released content_slider module on Here’s the link to download this module:

Here’s the description about the module which is released. Featured Content Slider:

A module to feature latest 5 created node (selected through admin settings) in a block that displays as a slideshow Description:

Featured Content Slider makes a slideshow out of node content on the block. Currently, latest 5 selected nodes are shown.

How to use? ———–

1. Create a content type called Name: “Featured”, type: ‘featured’

2. Go to admin/settings/content_slider

3. Enter the content type ‘featured’ in the source for block 1

4. Go to admin/build/block and place the block: ‘Content Slider 1’ anwhere you like.

5. Additionally, theme the featured node by creating a separate node-featured.tpl.php The script enlists the help of the jQuery library for its engine.