Revamping Website For Greater Efficiency In eCommerce 


Jewel Design & Ornamentation


Website Redesign, Salesforce Integration


Magento, WordPress, SEO

Client Objective

Improvement in Website Performance & Sales


Customer buys unwanted and previously owned natural recycled diamond, sorts the diamond into standardized diamond assortments, recuts diamond to feed into tightly calibrated diamond assortments, GIA certified diamond and recycled diamond jewellery for distribution to jewellery retailers and designers in the US. The company trades certified recycled diamonds, melee diamond, calibrated melee, estate jewellery and fine diamond jewellery. 

Customer offers a range of services for the diamond industry including diamond recutting, diamond sorting, diamond bagging, jewelry stone setting, diamond education, diamond testing, consulting and jewelry appraisals to businesses within the jewelry industry as well as financial services companies.  


Poor SalesForce Integration

Website and SalesForce (CRM) was operating standalone with very limited integration. The core web vitals and search engine rankings were thus very poor compared to their competitors.   

Unintuitive Website Design

Non intuitive website and checkout with lack of extensive ecommerce features like notify me, abandoned cart, active blogs, products FAQ and an old design template led to an unintuitive website. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

The customer’s website is the basis of their B2B sales. It was aimed to represent and advertise the services provided by the company. It also published articles and quarterly market reports with different trade services.  

After a thorough analysis, we determined the solution to the client’s woes- end to end CRM integration with new functionalities developed with better sync. We researched B2B industry to suggest new features that could be added to the website.  

The first step was to begin a dedicated design phase to improve website layout and theme. A website needs to have a design that aligns with the company’s vision and outlook.  

A uniquely specific Magento theme was selected and was made light weight for better performance. Special sections of the website like home page and checkout page were made more intuitive.   

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Next step was to customize the checkout experience across categories like diamonds and jewellery, and enhance the ease with which the user could contact the company for any service-related demands. 

At last, we focussed on the SEO parameters for the website and digital marketing that could lure the customers in and create a niche for the company to work within.  

We executed improvements in every section of the website, from design to backend plugin integrations as well as the management of its resources and sales increase.  

This was a special project from both design and development point of view, with the client’s need to revamp the website- we integrated business and website’s requirement in perfect blend. 


We worked on the website till the client was satisfied and made sure there was no glitch in the unrolling of the revamped website. We measured the core web vitals of the website and noted the following results:  

  • Traffic increased by 200% 
  • Organic keyword ranking improved by 50% 
  • Automated and omnichannel website.

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