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Founded in 2011, Forester Beauty a Hair Salon is the largest online retailer of Hair and Beauty Products in Zürich, Switzerland. They offer a complete list of services for natural, mixed and curly hair.

Apart from that, Forester Beauty has a nail-studio for both mani and pedicure, a cosmetic-studio for facials, waxing and eyelash extensions with an option to book an appointment online.

Like other small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) using an open-source ecommerce platform(like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc…), Forester Beauty too was developer dependent and instead of focusing on marketing and growing business majority of time went in managing their website.

Their major pain-points were:

  • Frequent Security and Version Updates
  • High Dependency on Developer for Day to Day tasks
  • High Cost of Maintenance
  • Slow Loading Speed


Some major challenges that we were expecting during the migration:

  • Improvement in Customer Experience and UI Upgrade to facilitate fast & easy checkout
  • SEO Retention – Keeping ranking on SEO metrics intact with change in category & navigation structure
  • Smooth Migration without business disruption and Zero Downtime

Goals and objectives

Based on our initial discussion and analysis, we understood that the Forester Beauty Team was more involved with the bugs and frequent updates of the websites, while they wanted to have more time for other important stuff such as developing business and marketing strategy.

From EbizOn’s end the goals were bit different:

  • Migrate to Shopify without any downtime.
  • Retain domain authority and ranking.
  • Maintain Traffic and hence sales.
  • To preserve the backlinks and Referring domains.
  • Keeping the count of organic keywords being ranked for before and after upgrade consistent.


Foresterbeauty.com was running on Magento 1.9, support for which was ending in June 2020.

Now, with the release of Magento version 2, e-commerce stores running on Magento 1 had two options:





  1. Upgrade to Magento
  2. Migrate to a SAAS-based platform such as Shopify.

Magento and Shopify are two of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market today. They’re often pitted against each other when in reality, they are very different.

While Magento offers complete control over the code, Shopify is fairly easy to maintain without a hassle to host it on a server.

Due to its ease of use and hassle-free maintenance Shopify is becoming a first choice of many e-commerce owners.

Apart from that since Shopify is self-hosted, the page speed scores and loading time is very impressive as compared to that on Magento.

Magento 1 to Shopify Migration Steps:



*Valid for all open-source to Shopify

Technology aside, we made quite a few aesthetic alterations together with a bucket load of dynamic transitions and enhancements that further reduced the bounce rate. End user features and functionality such as the Finance, email marketing etc were replicated for the new e-Commerce system with the use of custom built Shopify Apps and other, well supported 3rd party apps found on the Shopify App store

SEO Retention

In order to retain SEO while transitioning from Magento 1 to Shopify, we carried out activities in three phases (pre, during and post-upgrade).

Benchmarking the pre-launch SEO metric to ensure we don’t lose the track and maintain a consistent ranking, traffic, and authority throughout.


Normally, if the migration process is not done properly, the site may lose entire SEO juice and end up with a negligible presence in Google search results.

However, due to our unique and well-defined approach, the results were indeed incredible. We were able to retain the complete traffic.

The Result was great, Forester Beauty now has a state of the art onlineshop and did not have any downtime for our customers, sales have been up by 10% in the first month already and they aim to have it 25% by mid 2020.


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