Mobile App For Wine Lovers – The Story


What began as a family business continues to be family-owned and operated today; a company that is very much built on a foundation of integrity, high quality, and excellent service.

Sokolin is America’s premier fine wine merchant that allows you to search for rare and exclusive wine based on 15+ search criteria including region, color, vintage, color, format, price, varietal and more.


To build an e-commerce mobile app for wine lovers with easy search and superb engagement.

Leverage mobile app to boost sales and repeat orders through personalization and customer engagement.

Design & Mockups

The need was to have a mobile app loaded with features, yet it had to be simple and elegant. It’s really tough to strike a balance, how we achieved is through our inclusive process of design iterations & live mock-ups till we were finally there.

The idea was to make a complete sketch of the project and define everything for the project so that the expectations of the outcomes and output can be laid out.

Weekly mock-up demos and feedback sessions with the client helped us strike a balance between feature and simplicity. Also, we incorporated the suggestions and kept evolving.

Some of the mockups are shown below:

Mobile App Technology:

Java, Swift, Xcode, Android Studio, MySQL

Features of Mobile App

The friendly, responsive app for customer lets you order everything you want.

You can select services and products from the relevant category or feel free to use the search bar on the right top of the app screen.

  • Select the category you want the service from
  • Select best service providers you and the app will prioritize them
  • Select a service provider, and watch the services he provides

Engaging Home Screen:

With a lot of banners, highlighting the product, categories the home screen in designed in a way that it can engage with the customers

Menu Customized for Users:

The Menu is designed in a way to get the customers quick access to the main categories and customer account.

Product Page

The Product page of Sokolin was carefully designed to incorporate all the necessary details.

The Product Page can be directly shared on social media and has an option to add additional details about the product too.

To help the customer, we have implemented a related products category on the page.

Checkout with Suggested Products

Checkout on the mobile app was designed on the basis of one step checkout for websites, so all the information about the product, address, delivery options, cards/payment is provided on the single page and the customer can easily check out.

Search: Auto Suggest and Recommendation

Search on the mobile was asked to be on similar lines of the website. The search on the mobile contains the auto-suggest feature, autocomplete feature.

Sokolin Choice

Some of the products on the app are listed with an icon of ‘Sokolin Choice’, this icon is used by the company to provide a suggestion or recommendation for wines.

Sokolin: Know the wine

Sokolin has a feature where the user clicks the photo of the wine bottle for which they may be seeking some queries or want to the request the wine.

The Sokolin team provide a response through the integrated chat system. The user needs to be logged in to request the wine.