Triple The Power Of Your Donation Pages With Web Push Notifications

If you’re one of those people who still believe that all those nonprofit organizations in the world are so successful without any additional marketing efforts, then you’re at a slight loss.

Marketing in today’s world is inevitable. You can customize it and opt for something that suits your pockets, but you’ll have to do it.

Non-profits, due to a constraint of marketing budgets usually cannot do much. But in addition to the usual word-of-mouth and email campaigns, spending your time and money on push notifications would render far better results.

So what are Push Notifications?

Push notifications in simple words are clickable messages, which can reach out to your users on their browsers or mobiles, even when they are not active on your website/app at that moment. They might sound ordinary but can do wonders for you..

How do they work?

They work in a manner similar to email subscriptions but the difference is that the user does not have to enter any sensitive data like name, email ID, etc. This is what makes push so unique.

The user has to click on the Allow button and voila! Regular updates are on their way.

You can now send clickable messages that are not only automated but also segmented that work way better than normal emails.

With web push notifications, nonprofits can effortlessly reach a wide array of users on both desktop and mobile devices.

And how do I know that?

Well, mainly because I’ve observed our non-profit clients like World Resource Institute and other CSR groups like MacMillan. face the same issues and come out of them just with a simple change in their marketing approach and strategy.

Here’s a few methods in which I’ve seen them to benefit the most:

1. Push Notifications for fundraisers

Starting a new fundraiser or charity drive? Send a web push notification.

Sending out web push notifications and informing users of fundraising events or donation drives will help you achieve your goals.

Moreover, you can create separate segments of your users: 1) those who donated and 2) those who visited the cause but didn’t donate.

Now, to group one you can send notifications about the value and impact that their donation created and to group two you can send notifications about the impact they could create, the value of this opportunity, proving your credibility to them, etc.

2. Notify your followers about the value you create

Using push notifications, you can easily capture anyone who is or was interested in your cause.

Now, whenever you have something you think they would like, you just let them know.

And yes, you won’t go unnoticed or unopened with push notifications, like in the case of emails. So, there’s a lot better chance of engaging your old and new followers at the same time.

3. Keep them updated about all the news & events

News and event updates are one of the most integral part of almost any non-profit organization.

Hence, it is of core importance to let the people who care about your cause know what you are up-to.

You can send them event invites, event reminders and even ask for event feedback simply by using scheduled and automated push notifications.

4. Drive them to other parts/ subparts of your organization

Usually a non-profit has a core website and several other microsites support different sub-causes.

You can just have a push subscription request on your main site and let your followers know about any new cause/ microsite that you come up with.

It’s almost like cross-selling and up-selling for non-profits.

Just add the URL of your new microsite to the push notification and the user will automatically by guided there as soon as they click on it.

Piece of cake! Ain’t it?

5. Keep your donors informed

Once a person has become your donor, their value to your organization becomes never-ending.

You should always keep them engaged and updated about your progress.

I’m sure these campaigns will work wonders for you. But at the same time don’t forget to keep in mind these best practices to reap the best out of your push campaigns:

  • Monitor frequency and number closely. Non-profits may have noble goals, but there’s a fine line between being politely insistent and outright pushy.
  • Focus on push notifications as a useful tool for tracking the effectiveness of a donation and to help with awareness. What do your contributors want to know most?
  • Automation should be used, especially for people who make a recurring contribution. They’ll want to know the contribution went through, and it’s a great way to thank them and tell them where the money is going.
  • Only push if you want your members to complete an action urgently. There’s no need to push out meeting notes or other items that are better sent via email or social channels.

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