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Drupal 7

Client Objective



Customer Is a non-profit organization with a motto of offering its followers a database of reliable charities doing the most- good per dollar spent. Founded by a team enmeshed in the world of finance, Customer focuses on helping philanthropists make a well-informed choice regarding their donations.  

In 2009, Customer began its operations on a Drupal 5 website, furnished with a repository and a database management system. Yet, as the years progressed, their website became obsolete, failing to keep up with their ever-increasing following. Customer approached us once again for a much-needed upgrade. 


Upgrade Content Management System

To create a website incorporating a refined interface and user authentication that can handle a load of multiple plugins without lagging.

Improve Search Module

Provide users with an easy-to-use, content-specific intuitive search system, and a better repository to save the input data.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

We needed to create a product that would allow greater control of the admin over the sharing and availability of data on the website. After careful consideration, we opted to shift to Drupal 7, which allowed our developers a wider plugin reach. 

The Customer team required easier access to content modification and uploading and a data repository that could only be accessed by registered users to prevent any misuse of their database. 

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Furthermore, the admin had full control over the content uploading process, could manage the email updates by themselves, and also had in place an easy-to-use content-specific search system. As an additive, we included a simplified content management system for the webmaster. 

The client is always kept in the loop, while finalizing the design and development process, through the use of Skype and Basecamp.

EbizON does not just redesign or redevelop, we offer our client tools that analyze, optimize and strategize their whole business model, working simultaneously to boost every aspect of their online presence.


Our team carefully executed the migration to the new version. We implemented the best development practices which ensured seamless and successful completion of the project within the stipulated time frame. 

 Customer was extremely satisfied with the way the entire project process was carried out. We were equally happy we could contribute to their cause.

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