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Client Objective

Migrate to a System that Provides Efficient Content Management


Customer is an organization that publishes content on the elusive pursuit of happiness.  They have under their wing a digital magazine, a podcast, an online resource library, and merchandise sales that fund the other non-profit endeavors of the company.

They publish regular content on healthy and positive lifestyles, self-care techniques, and general welfare advice on relationships, science and technology, and work.  To make the process of posting content easier, and more efficient, Customer was looking to update their whole operation and looked for a team that could resolve their dilemma with precision. 


Obsolete Content Management System

Existing CMS Drupal was unable to support high content load, leading to a high bounce rate and lower engagement scores.

Unrefined Search Console

The present search console was not intuitive and did not allow sorting of results as per the user’s convenience. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Our team came in with our plan of execution- to take in the client’s vision and transform the content onto WordPress platform.

Upgrading requires an in-depth survey of the existing website, to figure out what lacks where. Obsolete content needed to be sorted into what could be reused and what had to be trashed for good.

Through different tools at our disposal, we realized that the bounce rate was exceptionally high due to the slow page speed, for both mobile as well as desktop, leading to lower visitor count and eventually, lower engagement scores.

The present search console was not intuitive and did not allow sorting of results as per the user’s convenience. The current homepage did not provide a definite user journey, either.

We enlisted the SEO-rich pages on the website, the ones that derived the maximum footfalls, and migrated them first to the new website making absolutely sure to keep the URLs consistent, and the slugs the same as the current website.

We ran the scripts, executed queries and exported SQL files, and correctly labeled the original taxonomies. We created a new WordPress installation in a different database from the earlier installation, and then migrated posts, tags, comments, roles, and permissions.

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Weekly mock-up demos and feedback sessions with the client helped us strike a balance between feature and simplicity. Also, we incorporated the suggestions and kept evolving.

Afterward, the migrated site is staged, checked for any remaining missing pages, and measured for performance once again. We repeat this step until we are assured of the website’s smooth functioning.

EbizON team customized the theme, as per the client’s guidelines, to ensure that their users landed on a fresh yet familiar website which enhanced the adoption rate. 

 Using custom queries, we were able to successfully remove unwanted posts, spam comments, authors, and resolve duplicate content. This ensured a clean installation on the WordPress site. 

 Furthermore, to incorporate a mobile-friendly setup, design elements like vector graphics, standardized clickable areas, and buttons, in addition to CSS3 media queries were imported to ensure the website is mobile-first.


Our client’s staff got to experience pre-defined admin roles to add, modify or delete any content from the website with ease, in addition to a more intuitive newsletter form and exit content pop-ups for the website.

The entire SEO of the Drupal website was successfully migrated and retained on the WordPress website. Website ranking improved visibly with the upgrade.

As per the data collected post-migration the new website for our client has great performance metrics, with Blocking Time at 12 ms, CLS at 0.03 ms, and LCP at 1.0 s.

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