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Client Objective

Increase Sales Through Online Advertising


With the advance in technology, e-commerce has expanded to include luxury shopping as well as necessities. One such addition is the wine and spirits industry, which earlier was completely offline, since buying and selling alcohol online was fraught with red tape and mishandling, which led to heavy losses. But now, with the evolution of online marketing and better logistic facilities, beverages are now available online as well.

Remedy Liquor is one of the best liquor and wine providers in the greater Los Angeles area. For over a decade, they have dealt with hundreds of liquor brands and unique offerings from around the world.

Their product range includes domestic and imported beer, wines, champagne, spirits, and liqueurs. Despite a flourishing business and well-designed website with friendly navigation and reasonable filtering, they were dissatisfied with the way their Google AdWords was performing. 

They opted to add an online delivery system to their store module for their customers to utilize. But fierce competition in their category was led to lower ad positions for them and also higher competition for key search phrases. 


Increase AdWords Efficiency

AdWords ROI was just 2.5 times their Ad Spend, with an average product profit of $45. Clearly, they were spending more and getting less revenue. 

Categorizing Campaigns

The campaigns lacked specific product categories. A draw to attract customer attention to the special features of the brand was missing.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

The client intended to improve their overall Google AdWords ROI. We began by analyzing the user behavior on the website, helping us understand what they were actually missing. 

Our team created different campaigns as per the variety of products available. In order to gain more visibility, we created different sections for search, display, and shopping which resulted in more user acquisition and greater brand awareness. 

We began by creating a complete sketch of the project and predefining everything, laying out the expectations of the outcomes and output for further ease. We made sure the client was well within the loop of every process, with our team taking their creative input consistently in coming up with the final design mockup of the application.

We started running Smart Campaigns for product categories that were not performing well, highlighting selling points for these categories. 

 High-quality day-to-day optimization is the key to the success of effective online advertising campaigns. Our team used to monitor the campaigns on a regular basis and adopted different strategies based on competition to make sure we didn’t miss out on potential customers.

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


 Activating Maximize Clicks on AdWords, and changing the bid strategy to maximum clicks resulted in more conversions and a stable cost of conversions.

Creating separate competitor campaigns for top-selling brands resulted in more user acquisition and an increase in the number of clicks. We even removed negative keywords to avoid irrelevant traffic to the website. 

Highlighting the perks of the brand was key to attracting new customers. Our client showed great commitment to their customers by expanding some stores to include a wine tasting room and a “Freeze Room”. 

Apart from that, non-alcoholic beverages, bar accessories, and gift baskets are also sold on their site. Hence, we drew attention to these points to enhance revenue. 


High-quality day-to-day optimization is the key to the success of effective online advertising campaigns. Remedy Liquor saw an increase in its online sales within six months of utilizing our services. We performed a thorough analysis of its website to optimize its Google AdWords, according to the competition in its category and emphasized its unique selling points to make it stand out.

As per tests run after the AdWords campaign, we helped our client in the following metrics:

  •  Increased revenue through Google AdWords by 223%.  
  •  Cost Per Conversion (CPC) decreased from $5.47 to $3.32  
  •  Percentage of total conversion decreased by 8.5% in 6 months.

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