Why Do You Need To Add Web Push Notifications To Your Instapage Landing Page?

Well, to get hold of those visitors trying to escape!

Creating a landing page that converts, is a nightmare in itself for most of the marketers.

Most of our time, we’re just trying too hard to strike the perfect balance between what we want to see and what our customers would like.

Softwares like Instapage have made our lives considerably easier. They provide ready to use templates with high converting features which can even be A/B tested to get the best results out of them.

Even with so much moral support, you still might end up disappointed.


Because leads cannot be converted at once, with a single landing page form.

You’d say that you’ll follow-up with an engaging email campaign. But emails themselves have a mere open rate of 3% in most of the cases.

What could be a solution then?

Try using push notifications.

They are extremely simple to use yet very effective. There’s no hassle about opening them and the user can directly click on them.

Tempting enough to click, right?

Let’s see how can you integrate push notifications with your Instapage landing page in a jiffy.

Integrating Push Notifications With Instapage

1. Login to your Instapage account and click on Javascript.

2. Select the Javascript Box and click on Head.

3. Then open your PushFlew dashboard and click on ‘click to copy’. This will automatically copy your code to the clipboard.

4. Then paste the code in the Javascript Head block of your Instapage landing page.

5. Once done go back to the main page and click on Publish.

6. Now go to your PushFlew dashboard and turn on push notifications, if not done already. (We’ve created a sample notification to make your life easy).

7. And that’s it! You can preview your push notification in action on your landing page.

If you are an HTTPS website navigate to Dashboard>Code & Implementation and follow the process for HTTPS websites (just add a file in your root directory and click on enable).

If you don’t have a account on PushFlew yet, go ahead and sign up for free today.

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