With Every Web Push Notification Jabong Drives In A 6 Digit Revenue

Push notifications have become very popular among brands that use them to communicate with users, as they increase customer engagement and retention.

But do they benefit the e-commerce sector? How do they influence the traffic and revenue of online shops?
Here are the results from one of the largest e-commerce company, Jabong, that in its initial stages has been able to make a huge difference.

They had the same problems as all of us, they just got hold of the best solution.

Jabong was looking to build a marketing list that could perform consistently as it scaled up.

With a decline in email open rates, they were looking for a solution that could ensure more reach and engagement effectively increasing conversions.

With push notifications, Jabong was not only able to solve the law of shitty clickthroughs but also saw an 80% more conversion rate than paid campaigns followed by an increase in the overall engagement.

The impact is so clear!

Peeking into Jabong’s business

With over 1200+ brands & over 30,000+ products listed, Jabong is one of the largest destinations for fashion and lifestyle products. Ranked at #2 after Myntra, Jabong attracts over 20 Mn unique visitors per month across Desktop and Mobile web.

Jabong’s marketing stack leverage multiple communication channels including Email, SMS, Display ads and on page alerts to engage customers.

The challenge, however, was to build a marketing list that performs consistently as it scales. Response rates across these communication channels started to either flatten or decline.

Customizable Templates Made Life A Lot Easier

It was in March 2016 when the team at Jabong was introduced to the idea of web push notification.

The decision making process was simple – As an HTTP website, Jabong was looking for a solution that helped them leverage their brand name.

Using custom domain push notifications they were able to kickstart the implementation really quickly.

Given Jabong’s traffic, notification subscriber list quickly scaled past 100K leading to enhanced user engagement, especially activating dormant users.

Trigger Immediate Purchasing During The Flagship Sale

Jabong’s flagship sale – End of Reason Sale (EORS) is a 3-Day fashion fiesta that attracts millions of visitors.

EORS is packed with deals that are rolled out by the hour and last for a specified duration only.

Jabong set up timely alerts to drive more traction leveraging on the impulsive behavior of a user. And with banner images coming into effect, the clicks on each notification started shooting up as the right emotion got targeted.

Personalization Boosts Engagement and CTRs

Being a fashion and lifestyle destination, CRM team understood the importance of how each user needs to be treated uniquely.

Personalization sits at the core of user communication at Jabong.

In a step by step fashion, they created segments on the basis of subscribers’ shopping behavior, shopping preferences and more.

The impact was immediate and significant.

Notification sent to target audience segments saw a 2X impact in Click Through Rates with the highest being ~ 15.4%!

The Key: Being Consistent But Doing It In Just The Right Amount

Jabong’s CRM team has been using web push notifications for over 9 months.

It now drives upto 3% of their total revenue on Jabong [ Desktop and Mobile Web ].

Conversion rates from web push notification nearly match the organic traffic conversion rates – this speaks highly about the novelty of web push as a communication channel.

CRM team at Jabong has leveraged web push notifications to execute compelling campaigns for retargeting, activation of dormant users and driving repeat sales.

They have been able to do so consistently and at scale – building a 4th pillar in their marketing stack that outranks email, sms and display.