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Dive into the world of automation and robotic assistance with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions. EbizON’s qualified team of AI consultants and ML experts help businesses automate the process and enhance analytics, enabling intelligent decision-making. 

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Why Us

  • Professional Data Scientists 
  • Code integrity and security 
  • Complete privacy with a fully signed NDA 
  • Extensive end-to-end testing 
  • Best-in-class project management  
  • Clean, simple framework

Our AI and ML Expertise


AI-Based Solutions

Work rapidly and eliminate errors at lower costs with our powered AI applications. Hire an artificial intelligence (AI) consultant from EbizON and get innovative AI solutions with potent decision-making and problem-solving abilities. 

Advanced Machine Learning

Automate your processes to improve operation speed and minimize human intervention. Our specialists combine the best supervised/unsupervised algorithms with exceptional data mining techniques, allowing clients to run their business processes efficiently while decreasing costs. 

Deep Learning Solutions

Boost forecasting performance, decision-making, and other business operations through Deep Learning solutions. Our experts build remarkable and scalable solutions by utilizing the best practices of Deep Learning, a branch of Machine Learning. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Leverage our cutting-edge AI tools to fetch insightful information and deliver a personalized robotic assistance to your clients. EbizON offers premium NLP services to help businesses train their chatbots, BI, analytics, and more.  

Big Data Mining

Make informed business decisions by exploring data in-depth and structuring them in an appropriate model. Our Data Mining solutions aim to extract and transform complex information into a suitable, understandable model for real-time use.  

Interactive Chatbots Development

Integrate highly sophisticated chatbots into your digital entities. Our smart digital experts implement the latest frameworks, APIs, and plugins to build AI-powered chatbot solutions for customer assistance over numerous platforms. 

Our Tools and Technologies 

Languages and Tools

  • Python
  • GitHub
  • Airflow
  • Jupyter 


  • TensorFlow 
  • PyTorch 
  • Scikit-Learn 
  • Keras
  • Theano

Infrastructure Platforms

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud

Here’s Why Businesses Choose Us

Agile/Scrum Methodology

Our agile software development teams leverage agile/Scrum methodology to ensure we deliver the highest value to our clients. 

Top-Tier Talent

Each team member is hand-picked after undergoing a rigorous selection process. This hiring approach guarantees quality. 

Project Integrity & Security

Our AI and ML-based solutions are in adherence to the strict non-disclosure agreement, ensuring project integrity and security. 

Scalable AI-enabled Apps 

We priorities an AI-first approach, incorporate ethical AI principles, and develop a scalable infrastructure to revolutionize business operations. 

On-Time Project Delivery

Our team members work collectively on your project requirements, resulting in a high-quality product within the agreed timeline.  

Success Stories

“EbizON has helped us extend our internal capacity of engineering team for projects that were waiting to start. Their developers are dedicated to our company, highly capable and diligent. They take initiative where needed in the project and so far have been exceeding our expectations.”

Co-Founder and CTO, Niyo Solutions Inc.

Niyo is a leading digital banking Fintech company providing tax benefits services to blue collared employees:-

  • Progressive Webapp in React that integrates with NIYO platform and other connected apps.
  • Focus on reusable components.
  • Billdesk integration for easy utility payments.
  • Push notification implementation to notify users whenever bills are generated.

Our Process

Business Analysis and Data Gathering 

We sit with you to gather functionalities and technical requirements, based on which we document a product architecture that will serve as a reference for AI-powered solutions. 

Development of AI Solution 

Our data experts create a machine learning model by strategically incorporating robust AI algorithms and running numerous experiments in parallel. In addition, we develop necessary features to help clients access the model in a simple, user-friendly manner. 

Testing and Deployment 

The machine learning model undergoes stringent testing process to ensure usability and performance. A successful testing means that your ML solution is ready for deployment. 

AI and ML Development Expertise 

Media & Entertainment 
Mobile Commerce
Knowledge Management System

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