15 Amazing Flutter App Examples

A robust web or mobile application is vital for business scalability and success. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as a go-to Flutter app development company for SMEs and enterprises alike. By following an agile, transparent methodology, we’ve helped numerous clients expand their business through robust Flutter applications.

Cross-platform app development toolkits are the latest trend in the developers’ community. The highly disruptive and dynamic market has meant that businesses cannot risk missing any platform, Google Play or Apple App store.

And with cross-platform application development, developers can build a single application that is compatible across various operating systems.

As per the 2021 developer survey, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework. This cross-platform framework has risen from obscurity in 2017 to become the current app development framework darling among iOS and Android developers.

This article reviews some of the most amazing Flutter applications, showcasing Flutter’s power and usability.

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s open-source framework for cross-platform app development. This free mobile UI framework excites developers as it allows them to code once and compile applications for multiple platforms.

Flutter is powered through Dart, a programming language that focuses on front-end development. This object-oriented programming language helps developers build applications for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, and Google’s Fuschia, with the minimal code change.

Being highly feature-rich and novel SDK, developers have leveraged Flutter to create numerous modern applications. Here are the top 15 applications built using the Flutter framework.

1. BMW

In 2018, BMW engineers noticed large design discrepancies between their iOS and Android offerings. In addressing this issue, the team evaluated several cross-platform frameworks, and it was in October 2019, that Flutter got the nod.

By July 2020, the group launched the My BMW App in 47 countries on five continents. This application was aimed to act as a universal interface while guaranteeing a seamless experience between a smartphone, vehicle, and the digital world.

Altogether, the team was able to maintain consistency and delight users by switching to Flutter.

2. Cryptograph

Another one of the apps built in Flutter, Cryptograph, offers continuous updates monitoring and tracking of over 1600 global currencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and more.

The app was designed ground-up with Flutter, ensuring an accurate, immersive design that engages users while providing the latest data on major digital currencies.

3. eBay Motors

In 2018, the eBay Motors team decided to build an app experience exclusively for auto enthusiasts. They identified Flutter as a promising cross-platform SDK to develop a new application while retaining the full feature set as the main eBay app.

Flutter has enabled eBay Motors to add advanced features, such as live chat, community boards, and escrow to both their iOS and Android apps at once.

4. Google Ads

Google Ads is another popular application built using the Flutter framework. The app, launched in October 2000, is the favorite amongst digital marketers.

With Google Ads, businesses can view their marketing campaign statistics, update budgets in real-time, and contact Google experts. Moreover, the app features a stunning, intuitive design for an exceptional user experience.

5. Google Pay

Google Pay’s reliance on 1.7 million lines of code between its iOS and Android apps was a significant challenge in its quest to expand to new countries. Hence, the team opted to invest in Flutter to get more done with less.

They rebuilt the Google Pay app using the Flutter framework, making it compact, efficient, and easier to update. In addition, the new codebase contains 1.1 million lines of code—35% smaller than the original one.

6. Hamilton

One of the best Flutter apps examples, Hamilton, is an official application for award-winning Broadway musicals. The app features a fast, user-friendly interface, making it seamless to explore.

Hamilton, available on both iOS and Android platforms, keeps the fans updated about the latest music news.

7. MGM Resorts

The official application from MGM Resorts allows clients to make hotel and dining reservations 24-hours prior to their arrival. The team rebuilt their mobile application completely in Flutter, which unlocked added speed and flexibility while offering measurable value to both clients and users.

The team of developers continues to utilize Flutter for consistently adding new features that enhance customer experience.

8. Philips Hue

A smart-home lightning framework, Philips Hue utilized Flutter to build two applications—Hue Bluetooth and Hue Sync. This rendered an immersive UI that is highly notable and allows users to go granular with the color choices.

In addition, both applications work flawlessly to enable users to control home lighting systems and sync them to the existing media. Philips Hue has already won millions of hearts worldwide for its enticing yet straightforward layout.

9. PostMuse

PostMuse offers a variety of stunning templates to assist Instagram users in showcasing their creativity. In addition, users can edit and customize these fonts, images, and emojis for professional-looking posts.

PostMuse leverages Flutter to enhance design and usability while ensuring flawless performance.

10. PUSH Pro

With constant demands for an Android app, the team at PUSH turned towards Flutter to help athletes optimize strength training. The app is paired with a PUSH band and utilizes real-time velocity-based training data to empower coaches and athletes. Moreover, the Flutter technology allowed them to push new features quickly

11. Reflectly

Originally built using React Native, Reflectly is an exciting AI-powered journaling application that adopted Flutter for higher usability. By doing so, the application delivers a rich native app performance with minimal crash-down rates.

Additionally, the team found Dart lightweight and much easier on the eyes. Flutter directly paints every pixel on the screen, eliminating the Reflectly team’s worry about how iOS and Android platforms render their content.

12. Sua Musica

The biggest Latin American music platform, Sua Musica, has over 16000 verified artists and nearly 10 million monthly users. The team rewrote their entire codebase in Flutter in 2020 before relaunching the app for both iOS and Android platforms.

Sua Musica is the perfect example of how developers can deliver an exceptional user experience through Google Mobile Ads SDK for Flutter.

13. Supernova

A top-rated design system platform, Supernova leverages Flutter to build a collaborative web application for designers and developers.

The technology lets users import their Figma designs into Supernova and export code for Flutter (or any desired platform).

The team also used Flutter for the visualization layer and font management.

14. Tencent

Several teams at Tencent identified Flutter as their front-end solution for improving development efficiency while ensuring a smooth user experience. Moreover, the flutter technology allows developers to code quickly, coordinate seamlessly, and easily accomplish desired outcomes.

Interestingly, Tencent utilizes the Flutter framework not on one but several applications, including AITeacher, DingDang, K12, and Mr. Interpreter.

15. Xianyu by Alibaba

The Chinese eCommerce giant turned to the Flutter framework to assemble its application. The web application built with Flutter enables Alibaba to deliver a consistent performance across platforms, with immersive graphics and faster loading.

By leveraging the power of Flutter, developers at Alibaba have ensured a seamless user experience for over 200 million registered app users.


Flutter is a highly portable UI toolkit with a flexible SDK that enables developers to achieve greater functionality to meet users’ needs.

It offers a perfect blend of immersive, fast UI and a productive development environment to overcome coding challenges.

With the Flutter community multiplying every year, businesses must surely give Flutter a try!