15 Best Angular Application Examples For Inspiration

Editor’s note: Angular is the platform that makes it easy to develop robust web applications. It unites the declarative templates, dependency injection, the end to end tooling and integrates the top performers to resolve the development challenges of developers. An Angular Development Company can help you design and develop a responsive application.

AngularJS is among the best JavaScript frameworks for building web applications easily and quickly. Considering it lets you extend HTML vocabulary, AngularJS is perfect for developing dynamic applications, including user review apps, on-demand video streaming apps, user review apps, and weather apps, among others.

This blog provides a short overview of this robust framework, then walk through over 15 apps built with it. These applications should inspire you in your own app development efforts.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source web application framework aimed for speed and ease of use. A significant advantage of this framework is that it relies on the browser to build the web page and dynamically replace existing data with new server data. This lightens the application’s server load and leads to faster load times than a browser’s default method of loading completely new pages.

Additionally, AngularJS frees you from creating a lot of boilerplate code and considerably streamlines application development with to its data binding, dependency injection, and other capabilities. Using this framework, you won’t need to perform the following tasks, for instance:

  • Registering callbacks
  • Manipulating HTML DOM programmatically
  • Marshaling data to and from the UI
  • Writing initialization code to create a basic app

Now that you have a better understanding of what AngularJS is and its benefits, check out some websites and apps built with this framework.

Why Angular?

We shortlisted the reasons to opt for Angular to 5 key features:

  • The Ecosystem

When choosing the development tool, it is crucial to ensure extensions and components power it for functionality improvements — Angular is. That powerful framework offers multiple opportunities right out of the box. There is no need for software engineers to waste time installing several extensions. There are many external tools and components to pick from, though, if you have some unusual requirements and need a unique solution. Angular development can assist in producing strong applications with cutting-edge functionality and outstanding UI/UX thanks to access to the rich ecosystem.

  • MVC Architecture

Model-View-Controller, or MVC, architecture is the foundation of Angular. It states that the controller receives requests from the app and communicates with a model to prepare the data for the view. The structure isolates the app’s logic from the user interface and improves data binding and development.

  • Dependency Injection

Any app is constructed on top of a number of interdependent services. Without disrupting the app’s functionality or harming any of its components, Angular helps to inject components, services, and dependencies into the appropriate places.

  • Modulation

Every Angular website is a puzzle made up of numerous little modules. Each module, in turn, assembles the parts, services, and directives in charge of a specific functionality. It facilitates development and debugging.

  • Tool for Progressive Web App and Single-Page App Development

Thanks to Google (again), a browser-based experience similar to an app is now a reality. The biggest web development trends right now include progressive web apps (PWAs), which were first announced in 2016. And one of the best frameworks for launching a PWA in 2020 is Angular.

These factors, along with thorough documentation, a knowledgeable Angular core team, and numerous additional advantages, place Angular among the leaders in the race of international IT engineering tools.

Best Angular Application Examples For Inspiration

1. ADP Mobile App

You can provide your employees with a self-service solution that helps them stay connected with the company’s information on an on-the-go basis with the ADP mobile app.

With this application, companies can revolutionize the delivery of payroll and other significant HR details to their employees with 24/7 easy on-the-go access on their mobile phones. The application uses the most secure technology to deliver services and information to approx. 6,00,000 clients every day around the globe. This app can pay data and corporate directories from your mobile device.

2. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a platform wherein you can get business information related to public and private companies, funding and investments, finding high authority officials, news, industry trends, and more.

Crunchbase’s mobile app offers the most efficient way of getting information. It has mainly four sections; the Crunchbase community, the venture program, and an internal data team. Members of public organizations can provide information to the Crunchbase database. These submissions are bound by social authentication and registration. Further, a moderator reviews them before publishing.

3. Bit Panda

When you wish to manage and monitor all your funds in one place, Bitpanda comes to your rescue. It helps you easily trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, investing in ETFs or stocks, and more. You can have a secure and rapid trading experience regardless of your budget.

Bit Panda is an investment application for beginners as well as seasoned investors. It meets all your investment requirements regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor.

With this app, you can monitor and manage your funds in cryptocurrencies, ETFs, metals, and stocks, set price alarms, and begin your investment at any point in time.

4. Onefootball

You can get all information and news related to football in one place. Yes, you read that right. Onefootball app is all you need in this case.

With this application, you can view all the football action around the globe, along with the latest updates on Premier Leagues and much more.

Moreover, this application provides information such as personalized content, transfer market news & rumors, football fixtures, highlights, stats, videos, scores, instant push notifications, and a TV guide.

5. BizAway

If you are planning to go on a trip and want things done immediately, then BizAway is the app for you. It provides an efficient way of booking and handling business trips. The booking includes hotels, cars, flights, and trains. Additionally, you get the consultation for your bookings with your user login.

The application eliminates all unwanted internal communication, thereby saving you valuable time. Thus, it helps you control your business expenses by offering 25% on each booking’s market rate.

6. Armut

The Armut app offers a pear service to help you reach the nearest job opportunities effectively with the help of location data. Thus, you can bid for a job anywhere and anytime.

The application displays thousands of job opportunities in a wide range of categories, which means you get access to your field opportunity with just one click. Moreover, the jobs posted on the app are shared with the service providers to reach the respective clients with the necessary compliance with the app.

7. Wizbii

Wizbii is another job application built with Angular. It offers over 3,00,000 job opportunities in countries like Europe, France, and more. The biggest benefit of this app is that you can access even job opportunities that are not near you. With one click, register and apply, and receive suggestions and job tips.

Apart from offering a wide range of job opportunities in different countries, this app also provides helpful services such as financial aid, health insurance, events, traffic regulations, advice, and more.

8. Autotrader

If you are thinking of purchasing a certified, new, or used car or truck, you have the Autotrader app. It helps you find the required automobile near you. It has more than 20,000 sellers on its network and over 6 million cars.

The rates of cars and trucks on Autotrader listing are reasonable with Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor. With the application, you are assured of finding the right automobile or dealer, regardless of your location. You also get a wide range of features like personalization with Autotrader.

9. Qlik Sense SaaS

Qlik Sense SaaS has been developed to assist third-generation SaaS-based analytics and BI. As a result, employees in the organization can make data-driven decisions. The built-in advanced AI associated with its engine allows users to explore and search data irrespective of their skills without any limitations of query-based tools.

The app works well on the Android platform with Qlik Sense SaaS analytics. Autotrader enhances the user experience with features like offline scrutiny and integrated notifications for real-time action while making a decision.

10. Lucidchart

You can efficiently develop and view diagrams on your Android device with the Lucidchart application. It allows you to import and read Microsoft Visio files.

Lucidchart provides a visual workstation to help you have data conception, drawing diagrams, and association to quicken understanding and initiate a revolution. Thus, it allows everyone to collaborate in real-time and work visually with its cloud-based and intuitive solution.

To use the Lucidchart app, you need to have an account. It allows a free sign-up, wherein you can create, edit, view, and export diagrams from your device. Moreover, it syncs your diagrams online; therefore, you keep the data.

11. GM

General Motors, also known as GM, has been one of the oldest companies working with technology and transportation for over 100 years. They have taken the transportation industry to the next level by combining it with technology.

The digital world and emerging technologies it has brought a revolution in the field of transportation. It provides more secure, improved, and maintainable transport using technology. It has used Angular technology in its cars to serve clients in a better way

12. Freelance

Developed with Angular, Freelancer offers the best place for outsourcing. Users can register with the app and get projects related to their field or industry. Likewise, clients can post their project requirements and hire freelancers to work for them at a decided rate.

Freelancer has over 15.7 million freelancers working on many projects posted by clients. It provides an efficient means of communication between a client and a freelancer.

13. Vevo

We all know how YouTube brought a drastic change in the music world. Moreover, it brought the trend of watching videos with lots of features associated with them. Vevo is another app that is partnered with YouTube.

With Vevo, you can watch over 150 thousand video clips from over 200 countries. It is said to be one of the biggest projects of Angular.

14. iStock

With iStock, users can find images anywhere, and this application offers the best images, which you can search, save, and share easily.

The app also offers the feature of video clips, wherein you can perform the functions of searching, saving, filtering, viewing, and downloading.

15. Malzee

In the era of online shopping, Angular developers have developed a new brand app called Malzee. It offers a seamless online shopping experience with a wide range of clothing from the latest trends.

It offers unique functionality wherein you can share images of your chosen items with your friends. As a result, you are privileged to take opinions about your chosen outfits.

Last Words

Angular has proved to be the best platform for developing apps and websites for business or use cases. A wide variety of applications around the globe built with this technology. However, we have mentioned 15 unique and best Angular app examples.