7 Best Magento Security Scan Tools 2022

Editor’s note: If you own an online store, chances are you would have heard of Magento or already used it. With an overall 12% eCommerce market share globally, it is undoubtedly among the most sought-after eCommerce platforms. However, like any other eCommerce platform, maximizing your store potential isn’t possible without any custom development. Merchants must partner with a leading Magento Store Development Company to overcome challenges and create an exceptional shopping experience.

Magento Security Scan Tools

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Are you aware that almost 60% of enterprises that fall victim to cyber-attacks go out of business within six months? In addition, security specialists register nearly 450,000 new malware threats every day. These rapid advancements in malware and hacking techniques mean that even the best eCommerce platforms like Magento may miss some potential threats.

Magento’s security scan, for instance, is one of the best in its class and can monitor over 9000 threats. However, merchants must incorporate an additional Magento security scanner to enhance or upgrade their store’s security.

In the following part, we’ll provide the seven best Magento security scanners available on the market today.

Benefits of eCommerce Security Scanners

Reliable and easy-to-use web application scanners can help Magento store owners protect their data effectively. Most Magento security scanners are based on intelligent automation, reducing manual efforts and time demands.

Here are some advantages of incorporating a robust online store security scanning tool.

  • Online store vulnerability scanners are hassle-free and ensure minimal end-user input. Any store owner can implement these tools, irrespective of his technical expertise.
  • Even though advanced Magento security scanning tools offer comprehensive protection, they are lightweight with no compromise on the website’s performance.
  • Malware scanning tools aren’t limited to identifying malware but vulnerabilities that could infect/spread on the website. This enables merchants to protect their databases from potential threats.
  • Automated web security scanners inspect every parameter against multiple web security variants, allowing store admins to stay one step ahead of the hackers.
  • Most vulnerability scanning tools offer constant monitoring and continuous insights into your security status. This way, you gain a massive advantage of proactively remediating even advanced issues.

Best Magento Security Scan Tools

1. Acunetix


Acunetix is an end-to-end web security scanner that features a fully-fledged Magento scanning tool. This automated tool is designed to quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities by running a wide variety of security tests against Magento core functionality.

What makes Acunetix different from other Magento scanners is its lightning-fast speed. The tool features a re-engineered core and a highly optimized crawler, allowing it to seamlessly scan even the largest Magento websites. The following part lists the unique features of this powerful scanning tool.

  • Acunetix runs automated scans almost anywhere, irrespective of the framework, language, or technology you are using.
  • It has the ability to detect over 6500 web vulnerabilities by scanning HTML5 websites, SPAs, and JavaScripts.
  • Merchants can prioritize and control threats through integrated tools for vulnerability management.
  • Test network vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and poorly configured proxy servers.

2. MageReport


MageReport is among the best authoritative tool to inspect the Magento store’s security and performance. This free tool provides valuable insights regarding the store’s security status and how to fix known vulnerabilities.

MageReport uses behavior-based identification patterns to scan your store for possible vulnerabilities. Moreover, every security check runs in the read-only mode, meaning it does not modify your store. Here are some of the features of the MageReport scanning tool.

  • Latest security patches issued by Adobe, including 9652, 6482, 7405, 6788
  • Disclosure of admin panel
  • Exposure to Magento API
  • Webforms/remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability
  • Identifying the Visbot malware, ransomware, and brute force attacks

Apart from identifying Magento’s core weaknesses, MageReport also evaluates third-party extensions and provides detailed information on how to fix security issues.

3. MageScan


MageScan is a first-of-its-kind file monitoring tool specifically designed to identify changes in Magento core. The core feature of this tool is to take a “snapshot” of your system at its ideal state and compare it randomly to the system’s current state. This allows MageScan to identify any change to a file, suggesting an unauthorized intrusion, and sends out an alert to notify the risk.

Some of the best features of MageScan are as follows:

  • Real-Time File Monitoring

This feature continuously scans files and folders and monitors critical data defined in the dashboard. Any unauthorized intrusion is detected and reported in real-time, keeping vulnerabilities at bay.

Moreover, a centralized dashboard enables admins to quickly read the information and know what file aspect was changed, modified, or deleted.

  • Alert Segmentation

An incident response system alerts admins when attacks happen, enabling them to take appropriate measures to secure their business operations quickly. Admins can even customize the mailing alerts based on critical information, time, and the threat’s severity.

4. SUCURI SiteCheck

SUCURI SiteCheck

SUCURI is another excellent tool to keep your Magento site clean and safe from hacking. It safeguards your website from security threats by creating multiple powerful layers and consistently scanning the website.

SUCURI also implements preventive measures to block any attack at the server level much before you know about it. Some of the best features of this powerful tool include

  • Malware and Viruses Scanning

The tool scans your external Magento site source code to detect malicious code and file locations. In addition, SUCURI also checks for configuration issues and inconsistencies and provides security recommendations.

  • Magento Blacklist Status Monitoring

Admins can track whether website security authorities like Google and PhisTank have blacklisted their Magento store.

  • Outdated Software and Plugins Detection

SUCURI keeps your Magento store clean and fast by identifying outdated CMS and vulnerable plugins and extensions.

5. Foregenix FGX-Web

Foregenix FGX-Web

The Foregenix website security scanner is a popular tool that monitors the security status of over 235,000 Magento sites globally. The best feature of this website scanning tool is that there’s no need to set up additional software or access private files. Every security check is passive, meaning it scans the freely accessible data on the website for vulnerabilities.

Foregenix or FGX-Web was explicitly designed to help businesses grow their eCommerce sites without worrying about the latest security threats. Moreover, every security check runs in the read-only mode, meaning it does not modify your store. Some of the features of the MageReport scanning tool include.

  • Malware Detection

FGX-Web’s comprehensive malware detection capabilities look for compromise indicators and resolve them even before the threats can hack your website.

  • 24/7 Web Application Firewall

This web application firewall protects against web-based threats, including XSS attacks, SQL Injection, brute force attacks, etc. Besides, admins have access to a Rapid Content Delivery Network for faster and more secure content delivery to website visitors.

6. EComscan


Sansec eComscan, in partnership with Adobe, is a premier website scanning tool that examines your store for vulnerabilities, malware, and unauthorized accounts. It helps merchants find the root cause of hacks and resolve it immediately, saving precious time.

Moreover, by detecting malicious activity at an early stage, eComscan prevents or limits a data leak, securing your online reputation.

  • Powerful Threat Intelligence

The advanced threat intelligence gathers information from multiple sources, producing a valuable stream of attack vectors and IOCs.

  • Server-Side Monitoring

Store admins can leverage eComscan for complete store surface monitoring, including files, database triggers, admin accounts, and platform components.

  • Vulnerability Tracking and Detection

Tracking third-party extensions that are outdated can be challenging and costly. However, eComscan alerts you of such plugins with 0day bugs and identifies vulnerabilities, if any.

  • Reporting and Integration

eComscan notifies merchants of potential threats via multiple channels and formats, including email, phone, CSV, or JSON.

7. Quttera


Quttera is an all-in-one web-based malware and security monitoring tool with a real-time malware detection feature. It is designed to scan your eCommerce site for malicious scripts and files and detect malware locations in legitimate content.

Merchants also receive a detailed breakdown for each page during the malware assessment process. The report will include the following aspects

  • Malicious and blacklisted iframes
  • External and blacklisted links
  • Informative output explaining why specific files were deemed malicious or threatening

In addition, Quttera’s new security enhancements help users improve their overall cybersecurity approach.

  • Threat Classification and Location

The detailed file analysis helps store admins prepare and respond to a cyberattack better. Quttera uniquely identifies a threat and its exact location in a file, improving the malware cleanup automation.

  • The Sandbox Layer

Most online stores are vulnerable to a prevalent malware attack called malware redirect. This attack latches its malicious code on one site and tricks website visitors by sending them to another website altogether. Malware redirects are hidden, so visitors often fall victim to it without even realizing it.

However, Quttera’s sandbox layer technique can detect these insidious attacks. It identifies and runs the malicious code in an isolated environment, thus capturing the malware.


Magento Security Scan Tools

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Although Magento is a highly secure and reliable platform, businesses mustn’t solely rely on its security updates to avoid vulnerabilities. Implementing a host of robust security scanners offers site owners an additional level of protection against web malware, platform vulnerabilities, and other security issues. Remember to look for the top security scanners while still following some standard practices to protect your store.