Powering India’s Energy Efficiency: EbizON Develops UDIT for Government Initiative 




Website Development 



Client Objective

The Government of India established the organization with the goal of developing strategies and policies to reduce the energy intensity of the Indian economy. The organization also aimed to create awareness about energy efficiency and conservation and facilitate a database on energy efficiency initiatives in India. 


The customer works with designated consumers, agencies, and other organizations to identify and utilize existing resources and infrastructure to promote energy efficiency and conservation in India. 


The customer needed a user-friendly platform to showcase energy efficiency initiatives across various sectors in India and raise awareness about the ongoing efforts in this domain. They also needed a tool to facilitate a database on energy efficiency initiatives.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

EbizON developed a WordPress website for the customer, with a primary focus on creating the Urja Dakshata Information Tool (UDIT). UDIT is a user-friendly platform that explains the energy efficiency landscape of India across various sectors such as industry, appliances, building, transport, municipal, and agriculture.

The website also showcases the capacity building and new initiatives taken up by the Government to promote energy efficiency. 


The WordPress website development by EbizON resulted in the successful creation of UDIT, a user-friendly platform that disseminates information on energy efficiency and conservation initiatives in India.

The tool has helped raise awareness about energy efficiency in India and created a database on energy efficiency initiatives, enabling the government to develop better policies and strategies to promote energy efficiency. 

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