Drupal 6 to 7 migration

“Migrating Drupal core from 6 to 7 is perfectly smooth but all those add-on modules, makes the whole process complex”

While migrating from D6 to D7 is easy and simple, you may find yourself in real problem when your existing D6 site has:

  • Custom modules
  • Non-core themes and modules not having an equivalent D7 version
  • Modules those are no more compatible in the new D7 structure

You will land up in bigger frustration when you try to migrate directlty from D5 to D7. When everybody was moving to D7, one of my clients ‘Elie’ running a non-profit charity evaluator had his website still in Drupal 5. The complexity apprehended deterred Elie from  migrating the website and he was at one point considering building the site from scratch. But with right approach and proper planning we were able to carry out the migration successfully.. Read more

Save yourself from all the troubles of failed migration attempts

Owing to the new architecture of D7 and the presence of contributed and custom modules takes away the simplicity from the migration process. The more complex your site is, the more complex migration will be.

If you know your Drupal 6 website is more than core Drupal 6, and you are not a techie; you must not waste all your efforts in trying your hands on migration. Most likely you’ll find yourself and your website in a mess. Why waste time, get professional help at the right time.

… And you can migrate with ease

I can help you carry D6 to D7 migration with no pain at all. My procedure consists of simple 5 step migration process –

Step 1 – Discovery

In this step, the scope, resources, and effort required to migrate your existing Drupal 6 website is determined. A high level overview of the overall approach is prepared taking into account all the existing features of the website. Availability of D7 version of the themes used and contributed modules is checked. Any custom module used in the site is recognized and migration path for the same is determined.

Step 2 – Back-up

Migration begins only after taking proper back-up of your website. This ensures that in case if anything goes wrong we can always roll back, although the need rarely arises

Step 3 – Taking Drupal from 6 to 7

This is the main step where all the migration process is carried out. Drupal core, themes and contrib modules are migrated to Drupal 7. If any contrib module does not have a D7 version, we do custom upgrade for such modules. We also upgrade all the custom modules being used in the website.

Step 4 – Test-Fix-Test

This is the step where the new D7 site is tested if all the functionalities are working as supposed. Url mapping is done to ensure there is no broken or list url. All the images and contents are mapped with the D6 version to rule out any error in content migration.

Step 5 – Live goes your Drupal 7 site

We review to make sure all the objectives have been met successfully and there is no loophole in your new Drupal 7 site. Once, we are satisfied it’s time for you to give green signal before the site goes live.

Happy migration!

I can help you migrate your Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7 with ease. Shed all your migration worries as we head to a perfectly smooth migration journey.

  • Total stress-free evaluation of your website – To help you understand the overall planning and roadmap of migrating your Drupal 6 website to Drupal 7
  • Zero security errors – Detail code check-up to identify security errors and ensure correctness and style
  • Free 3 months support post migration – Your peace of mind will be assured with our 3 months FREE support for all the post migration issues