The Indo-Pacific Forum’s Journey to a Better Website: EbizON’s Drupal to WordPress Migration 




Drupal, WordPress 


Website Migration, SEO Retention, Mobile UI Optimization

Client Objective

The client’s website was built using Drupal, which was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and update. The client wanted to migrate their website to a more user-friendly and easily manageable CMS platform like WordPress. They wanted a modern and responsive design that would provide a better user experience and better reflect their organization’s goals and mission. 


The customer is a non-profit, foreign policy research institute based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Founded in 1975, the Forum’s programs encompass current and emerging political, security, economic, and business issues in the Indo-Pacific region. The Forum collaborates with a network of more than 30 research institutes around the Pacific Rim. 


he main challenge of this project was to migrate the existing Drupal website to WordPress while maintaining the integrity of the content and the functionality of the website.

The client had a vast amount of content on their website, including research reports, publications, news articles, and events, and they wanted to ensure that all of it would be migrated smoothly without any data loss. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

EbizON, a digital agency, took on the challenge of migrating the Drupal website to WordPress while ensuring that all the website’s functionalities were preserved. The team started by analyzing the existing website’s content, structure, and functionality and worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and goals. 

The team developed a detailed migration plan and created a custom WordPress theme that matched the client’s branding and design requirements. They also developed custom WordPress plugins to replicate the functionalities of the Drupal modules used on the old website. 

To ensure the successful migration of the client’s data, the team conducted a thorough testing process to identify and fix any issues that arose during the migration process. They also optimized the website for speed, security, and SEO, ensuring that the website met the latest web standards. 


The website migration was a success, and the client’s website was transformed from a Drupal website to a modern and responsive WordPress website. The new website was easier to manage, and the client’s team could easily update the website’s content, including research reports, publications, news articles, and events. 

The new website design and functionality provided a better user experience, making it easier for users to navigate and access information. The website’s load speed also improved, resulting in a better user experience and improved SEO rankings. 

Overall, the website migration and upgrade project were successful, and the client was satisfied with the results. The client’s team could manage the website more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that the organization’s mission and goals were communicated effectively to their target audience. 

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