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Brand Awareness


Fashion & Apparel


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Digital Marketing (SEO)

Client Objective

Regenerate Sales and Increase Returns on Investment


With over eighty-five percent of the population searching for clothes online, the fashion industry has moved up its game and risen to the challenge, with brands making their presence known through websites and e-commerce platforms. It is necessary to create recognition in its customers for a brand to boost its sales.

Our client in focus one of the top e-commerce fashion stores for women’s apparel based out of the US.

After a huge fall in viewership, the client approached us to help identify the issues and improve its traffic, with a goal to generate sales and achieve great returns in less than 6 months.


Content Creation

A good website should have relatable content and attention-grabbing images that clearly and powerfully state the intent of the product and services it offers. Such content was lacking on our client’s website.

Increase Brand Awareness

We had to leverage the mobile app to boost sales and repeat orders through personalization and customer engagement. Users should be able to trust the quality of the product.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

Content is the foremost criterion for the success of any website. We used power words, suited to the psychological need of the product, and created a blog section.

We regularly posted new content with topics ranging from the latest trends to product reviews, emphasized through repetition, and added a testimonials section for more cautious buyers. 

Furthermore, precise descriptions and a good size chart are essential for buyers to trust the quality of the apparel they are interested in. Hence, we added size charts in all the major measurement systems known to users of different regions. 

We included information on apparel and models’ body types, along with size-by-size dimensions of shoulder-length, body length, and sleeve length, with high-resolution front, back, and side images of “models” wearing the item, which helped remove any doubts about a buyer’s mind.

Targeting the right set of keywords is essential to improving website traffic. Identifying the keywords with high volume, low competition, and high conversion rates, we finalized 18 keywords to work on.

We built backlinks on these keywords as the anchor text, focusing on niche-specific and long-tail keywords such as “winter clothes for women”. 

Besides, duplicate content is frowned upon by Google and can result in a drop in search engine ranking via algorithmic penalty. Addressing this issue, our developers implemented canonical tags to indicate which product pages should be indexed by Google, thereby eliminating the problem of redundant pages. 

Project Initiation

Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


A meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page. Search engines such as Google often display the meta description in search results which influences click-through rates.

Setting the tone consistent with the client’s brand, we included relevant keywords, taking advantage of trending social headlines including fashion, and award shows. This made the meta description specific and concise.

Grabbing the attention of fresh customers is an essential part of maintaining traffic on any website. Our intent to improve virtual footfalls included regular updates on new arrivals in the store, ongoing deals, discount offers, and lucky draw contests.

We also added video content describing the various products and engaging users in the comment sections to build positive feedback and increase a customer’s personal connection with the website.

Social media plays an important role in increasing visibility and sales. The most recent figures on local search engine ranking factors attribute 4% to social media.

We significantly increased the social media activity on the website’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. We also ramped up efforts to promote the brand through these networks. 


We employed links, aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to the site, through guest posting & blogger outreach. This helped improve the domain authority, elevating it up to DA 52.

We optimized the meta description by keeping the description relevant, opting for a 160 characters length that helped avoid the truncation of meta description in the SERPs while sharing all important information about the store.

  • Traffic increased by nearly 60% 
  • Top ranking keywords count increased by 40% 
  • Organic impressions on the website doubled 
  • Organic impressions on the website doubled.

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