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Coverting Figma to Webflow is one thing, but we do it properly. Our Figma to Webflow experts follow the best practices without compromise to convert your Figma file into Webflow.  At EbizON, we leverage the power of Webflow to ensure that your design is developed in the best possible way. 

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Pixel Perfect Designs

We strive to turn your idea into a crisp and clear Webflow. Our designers carry a pixel perfection approach for greater code responsiveness and performance, leading to client satisfaction. 

Fast, Scalable Websites

Our developers at EbizON leverage all the latest technologies to turn your Figma design into a fully-functioning, responsive website that works flawlessly across all display sizes, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. 

Engaging and Tailored Interactions

We use intelligent, subtle animations to seamlessly connect your Figma design. Also, we link these animations to the scrolling process to create effects like parallax, precise reveal animations, progress bars, or anything else you may think of. 

Multiple Revisions

After converting your Figma design into a Webflow, our QA team runs multiple testing procedures to validate the design’s usability and scalability. Testing also allows us to identify any issue before the project delivery. 

Timely Deliverables

We are obsessed with delivering projects on time. Our team follows a transparent, defined process and wholeheartedly commits to ensuring on-time delivery. This commitment is the foundation of our Figma to Webflow conversion. 

Quality Assured

We discuss your project expectations and follow an effective, practical approach to develop the best solution possible to fulfill them. Moreover, prioritizing our client’s inputs allows us to deliver quality solutions with 100% client satisfaction. 

How We Work?

Send Us Your Figma Design

We analyze your existing Figma design and develop a basic idea of your business requirements in this phase. An in-depth understanding allows us to develop a roadmap listing all the details. 

Receive Personalized Quote and Timeline

Considering that every project is unique with varying complexities, we offer a customized quote and timeline for each of our clients. This is based on a detailed review of your project complexity and business objectives. 


Development in the Webflow CMS

This is where the actual process occurs after we receive the thumbs up. Our UI designers and web developers combine efforts to optimize the Figma design while prioritizing SEO and performance.  



Our QA team performs rigorous testing to validate the design’s usability and compatibility across multiple environments. In addition, numerous revisions allow us to identify and fix any minor issues before the product delivery. 


Feedback and Revision

Our team believes in delivering the best at the first shot. However, we are open to feedback and any adjustments if you feel the need. 

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