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Strategically Redesign Your Website Experience


User Experience

Improve the experience of your users and user journey on site to better serve their needs.

Visual Appeal

Make your site more appealing with modern design, improved graphics and better responsiveness.

Content Strategy

Resurface placement of your content and Call To Action(CTA) on site for better engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

Become better optimized and rank higher on search engines, therefore, allowing prospects to easily find you.

Why Migrate From SilverStripe To WordPress?

Lack Of A Big Community For SilverStripe In Comparison To WordPress

The platform has a small community and therefore forums are less reliable for those who need help. On the other hand, WordPress is the most used CMS on the planet with a huge reliable support forum making sure that all the features are developed in least time.

Very Limited Availability Of Professional Ready-made Themes.

SilverStripe has limited freely available and attractive themes to change look and feel and features of your website without use of professional web developers which isn’t the case in Wordpress where you have lots of professional off the shelf themes readily available.

Limited Design Options, Modules And Add ons.

SilverStripe has limited modules and add ons given lack of interest in developing the same for the CMS by developers from the network and the parent company itself which also limits the design options and CMS capabilities. Such is not the case with Wordpress considering its huge popularity and loyal community base.

We Upgrade And Migrate SilverStripe Based Platforms With The Highest Level Of Customer Service

WordPress, being a powerful and flexible content management system(CMS), provides users a lot of freedom in how they choose to use and interact with the software and can modify that in anyway they would like via number of tools available. It’s designed by its community to be user friendly and has all the features most needed by website creators and owners. With our robust upgrade scripts rest assured that your transition from SilverStripe to Wordpress will be practically painless and you get the highest level of customer service.

No Downtime

Your website will be 100% available during the migration. All migration and configuration processes are executed in our own test servers. Your server performance and security is never compromised!

Your Content Is Safe

All Posts and Pages, All Content Image, All Categories and Sections, All Users and visitors, All Comments and tags, All internal links, All multimedia

SEO Preservation

While upgrading, we figure out the SEO rich pages and make sure to take care of the most popular and valuable inbound links. This, in turn, makes sure that the SEO is preserved and the web traffic remains unchanged while having better backend management and improved usability.

Painless Migration

We do the migration for you from start to finish or until you are happy and satisfied. If you need, we can also help transform your website to a professional theme, fix internal links and 301 redirects.


Starter One Time Cost
Migration to Professional wordpress template (Branded to your organisation)
Standard functionality (eg. social media icons, newsletter signup, contact forms, blog, etc)
Covers migration upto 50 pages/posts
Unlimited website edits
Standard functionality (newsletter signup, contact forms, social media integration, blog,etc.)
SEO Test to check URLs structure is retained and any page-not-founds are redirected to proper pages.
Mobile responsive website
Google analytics
Free Post-launch support for 30 days
Training to help get you up and running
Professional One Time Cost
Migration to Customised Professional wordpress template
Standard + Advanced functionality (eg. news, events, registration, blogs, email signups, social media icons, newsletter signup, contact forms, etc)
Covers migration upto 1500 pages/posts
Upto 10 pages of your choice using Wordpress page builder like Divi, Elementor, beaver
SEO retention (includes URL structure, Meta titles/description retained and any page-not-founds are redirected to proper pages)
Google Analytics & Search Console Setup
Training videos to help get you up and running
Enterprise One Time Cost
Custom Wordpress Design
Accounting system integration*
CRM integration
Custom implementation
Multi Lingual upto 3 languages

How Do We Upgrade?

We will take care of everything for you, so you can focus on more important things (like taking your business to the next level after we launch your new site).

Magento Development Process

Establish a plan

We discuss the business objectives of the stakeholders in order to understand what actually they want to achieve with the upgrade and accordingly build a plan that includes redesign and restructuring.

Getting organized for migration

We map the legacy data structure with the new data structure in a mapping sheet that maps each data type and its fields with the new structure.

Prepare for SEO preservation

To ensure SEO preservation, we use services to crawl the website and export URLs to help understand current site’s architecture and take care of valuable links.

Check compatibility and upgrade

We create a new Wordpress installation in a different database from the earlier installation and make sure that all the original taxonomies are correctly labelled.

Review and cleanup

Once the upgradation is done in staging, the tools are run again to find any “Page Not founds” and then fix them with a rewrite rule.Our technical expert team take measures and necessary steps to preserve SEO.

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