Smooth Rides Ahead: The Story of EbizON’s PWA Development for a Reliable Airport Transportation Service 




JavaScript, React, Node.js 


Progressive Web App (PWA) development, UX/UI design

Client Introduction

The client wanted to improve their mobile booking experience and provide a more convenient way for customers to book their transportation services. They wanted a solution that would allow their customers to book, pay, and track their rides through a mobile app, eliminating the need for phone calls and website visits.


The customer has been providing affordable and reliable airport transportation options to travelers since 2007. They offer shared ride and private airport transfers, shuttle locations with airport shuttle, private van service, and black car service.

They pride themselves on delivering the same friendly, safe, convenient, and economical service in every city they operate in. 


The main challenge of this project was to develop a PWA that would provide a seamless and user-friendly booking experience for the client’s customers. The PWA needed to be fast, reliable, and accessible from any device, regardless of the user’s location or network conditions.

The app also needed to integrate with the client’s existing backend system and payment gateway. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

EbizON, a digital agency, took on the challenge of developing a PWA for the client. The team started by analyzing the client’s existing system and developing a detailed project plan. They worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and goals. 

The team used JavaScript, React, and Node.js to develop the PWA’s frontend and backend, respectively. They also used MongoDB for data storage and Google Maps API for location tracking and mapping. 

The team developed a responsive and intuitive UX/UI design for the PWA, ensuring that the app was easy to navigate and use. They also optimized the PWA for speed, reliability, and offline access, ensuring that users could book their rides even in low or no network conditions. 

To ensure the PWA’s successful integration with the client’s existing backend system and payment gateway, the team conducted thorough testing and debugging. They also provided documentation and training for the client’s team to manage and maintain the PWA. 


The PWA development project was a success, and the client’s customers could now book, pay, and track their rides through a mobile app. The PWA provided a more convenient and user-friendly booking experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The PWA’s offline access and location tracking features also allowed users to book their rides even in low or no network conditions, improving the client’s service reliability and customer experience. The app’s integration with the client’s backend system and payment gateway was seamless, allowing the client to manage their operations efficiently. 

Overall, the PWA development project delivered a modern, convenient, and reliable booking experience for the client’s customers, providing the client with a competitive edge in the transportation industry. 

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