10 Interesting Ways To Create Backlinks For Your Ecommerce Store

Link building is known to be one of the most essential yet challenging SEO tasks, it becomes all the more trickier when backlinks are required for an ecommerce website.

It requires both creativity and experience to create backlinks that will yield results.

According to Wordstream, link building is among the main factors that contribute to the ranking of your website. But then, how do you perform link building effectively and creatively?

Worry not, throughout this article, we have compiled 10 interesting ways to create backlinks for your Ecommerce shop.

With these tips, you will be able to perform accurate link building to your website. By doing so, you will end up achieving the best results that will see your website become more visible to internet users.

Some of the advanced link building techniques include:

1. Use creative anchor texts

Every link that you include in your website is usually accessible via an anchor text. This is the part of a link that is visible and clickable to your website visitors.

A good anchor text should be able to improve the SEO of your website. It should also be attractive enough to prompt your visitor to click it and be redirected to the target page.

To start with, make sure you use one of the numerous types of anchor texts available, for instance:

  • Branded anchor texts: Include Model numbers and names where search volumes are high
  • Partial-match anchor texts
  • Images: Add relevant captions to images and use them as anchor text
  • Generic anchor texts

Second, you need to ensure that you incorporate the anchor text naturally within the content. Don’t place an anchor text in a way that the visitor will find it to be odd.

It should blend with the content and look natural. This is also one of the best ways to improve your SEO and which is a crucial factor when it comes to determining the ranking of your website.

Make sure you carry out an analysis of the target website. This will help you to place an anchor link that is relevant to the target site.

In a nutshell, ensure your anchor link is naturally placed, appropriate and most importantly, attractive to the reader.

2. Recover or reclaim your backlinks

You might have come up with several backlinks only to realize after some time that they are not working. But how do you know your backlinks are dead?

It is quite easy. Dead backlinks tend to return an error 404 whenever they are clicked. This means that the website in question is inaccessible or unavailable.

Either way, you need to make sure that you recover every dead backlink on your site.

First, you need to find out which backlinks are dead. Make use of the available tools to run a diagnostic and get a list of the dead backlinks.

Once you have the list, try to reclaim them. You can do this by redeveloping the page in question or by switching the links with others that are functional.

Dead backlinks mostly occur if the location of your website changes or if a web owner ends up miswriting your website link.

By reclaiming your dead backlinks, you will be able to restore authority to your site. It will thus regain its rank and attract more traffic that will see you appear on the first page of a search engine.

3. Convert every mention to a backlink

It is prevalent to find a website user mentioning your blog or website within his or her content. There are so many reasons why he or she might do this.

Maybe while they were researching for their content, which is in a similar niche as yours, they came across your blog or website and found it to be very inspiring.

This may then have prompted them to mention you in their blog or website.

It is thus vital that you don’t let the mention go to waste. The mentions can go a long way in enabling you to come up with a long list of backlinks.

You should thus use the appropriate tool to get the names of websites that have mentioned your site.

Go ahead and use the authors or webmasters information at the bottom of the page and request them to convert the mention into a backlink.

Some of the contact information you can use is the social media account or email address.

You should also note that it is not automatic that the webmaster will respond to your request, you thus need to be convincing enough to get the backlink.

4. Use infographics to create links

Using infographics to get links is very common in the world of link building. This is where you use creative images and photos on your website to make your content more appealing and exciting.

Instead of just using infographics to enhance the outlook of your website, you can go ahead and use them to gather links.

To do this, you need to understand that there are so many people who will end up using your infographics without giving you a backlink.

This means that you need to make them provide you with those links.

First, make sure you gather information about the websites that are using your infographics without giving you a link. To do this, go to the picture and copy the URL of the image.

You can go ahead and search for the websites that are using similar images using google image search.

While making this type of search, make sure that the search symbol is a camera. Insert the image URL and click search by a camera. You will then get a list of websites with a similar image.

From here your task will be simple, you have to confirm is the website using your symbol has backlinked your site, if not, send them a mail requesting for a backlink.

If you don’t already infographics on your website, you can quickly create them using Piktochart, Infographics should be created around interesting topics around your products/categories or product users.

5. Include research papers, case studies, and reviews to your site

It is not always necessary for a blog or website to have research proofs. But a quality site should always have a list of credible sources. This is why SEO agencies usually recommend that you include:

  • Reviews
  • Research papers
  • Case studies

This will end up giving your site more authority than it would have had otherwise. If you are a professional in a specific niche, come up with new topics that are yet to be published.

Make sure they are intriguing and factual. Include graphs, charts, and statistics to prove your research then go ahead and make it available on your website.

You will be impressed by how many backlinks you will end up getting.

Image Source

Bloggers and webmasters love content that is full of useful and relevant statistics. This always ends up proving the credibility of your information.

They tend to come up with the same topic but redirect visitors to your website for in-depth analysis. This way, your site will have a remarkable link building that will see it rise through the ranks.

Don’t forget to link your case studies, research, and reviews as well as any comparisons that you would have made in your content.

6. Use the skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique is also another way of getting links from other webmasters. What you do is that you go to the first high ranking website in your niche.

Pick a site with good content and come up with even better content and then source for backlinks. The process may seem to be simple in theory, but in reality, it requires a lot of work.

This is because getting backlinks does not involve merely contacting the webmaster and asking them for links. Some will take a longer time to respond while others will not.

You thus have to modify the technique. Go ahead and start creating guest blogs. This is where you will have to write similar content on behalf of other bloggers.

Eventually, you will end up getting traffic. This will catalyze how fast you get the links.

You will end up increasing the number of backlinks to your website that will improve your rank.

Remember, the first person to come up with the skyscraper technique did not get good results until he turned to guest blogging.

7. Redirect the backlinks of a rebranded or discontinued website

In a month, the number of websites and companies that undergo rebranding are very many. This means that you can take advantage of such scenarios to come up with backlinks.

You, however, need to be very creative with the process. Some refer to this art of redirecting the backlinks of a rebranded or discontinued website or company as the moving man technique.

To get the rebranded sites, go to google and type “rebrands as.”

Once you come up with the list, use the appropriate tools to find out the backlinks they have.

Go ahead and contact those webmasters with the backlinks and convince them that the link they are using is outdated and so they should use the link you are offering.

Every webmaster that you will convince successfully will end up replacing the dead links with your website links. You should, however, make sure that every link you try to replace is dead.

8. Make use of educational backlinks

There are so many educational websites that you can make use of to come up with several backlinks. You, however, need to make use of methods which won’t end up disqualifying your website later.

Some of the best practices include offering discounts to students. If you have products that can be used by students and professors, you can go ahead and offer them at a discount in return of a backlink.

Image Source

Once you get a loyal student or professor, ask them to link you with the school’s site manager. Go ahead and request for a mention on the school’s site followed by a backlink.

You can also make use of the ego bait method to gain a backdoor to the .edu site. The ego bait process requires you to feature a professor in your already established website.

Make him write a guest post. Allow them to talk about their accomplishments and explore that opportunity to ask them to include you to the school’s website as a mention.

This will bring you a lot of backlinks and traffic.

9. Make use of your competitor’s backlinks

Sometimes it is quite challenging to know which site will offer you a backlink and which one will not. But why go through all that trouble while you can use your competitor’s info to come up with backlinks.

Use the backlink tools to have a look at the strategy that your competitor is using to get backlinks. Go ahead and take note of the viable backlinks and the process that is used to get them.

All you have to do is reverse engineer those methods and get your very own backlinks. You can also replicate the content your competitor is using and make a better one to come up with backlinks.

By doing this, you will be merely replicating your competition’s strategies and then improving them to get the best results.

10. Make use of social media platforms

The link building technique of using social media platforms is both popular and rewarding. You can do this by sharing content and including links in most social media platforms, for instance:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Instagram.
  • YouTube.
  • Pinterest.

The number of links you end up with from social media will depend on your creativity.

The first step you can take is by sharing your webpage information to social media accounts to attract traffic.

You can then include links on the posts, and if it is a Facebook account, you can use a link on the contact information.

Image Source

Once done, scan the social media for mentions and use those people to provide you with links. You will be impressed by how social media is beneficial when it comes to earning links.

The link building tips mentioned above are not only useful but also very rewarding. They have been tested and proven to be functional by some of the best SEO agencies.

You should, however, keep in mind that every method requires dedication, patience, and creativity to achieve the links and improve your site’s visibility.

To sum up

Backlinks are “word of mouth” references of the online world. Most of it comes organically through good consistent work & excellent content. While an intelligent backlink boost on the relevant high volume keywords can get your ecommerce store a good revenue impact. The trick is to keep it natural, slow and consistent.

Backlinks also help in promoting various important pages of your website such as Product Pages, Pillar Pages etc.

Here is a complimentary step-by-step guide to drive traffic on your store: Supercharge Organic Traffic