Town Hall 2019

Saturday, May 25th: This year, Ebizon family came together in Kasauli to attend the Town Hall 2019 meetup with the theme “Where Ordinary Just Won’t Do”.

The program took off with a warm welcome to the 2019 joinees. This was followed by a glimpse of organisation’s past year’s performance, quick wins and upcoming focus areas including Blockchain and Data Analytics that the company plans to strategically target going into the future. “We take pride in building innovation, going out in the market and doing well in the space we are in.” said CEO, Sudeep Goyal.

Management also took this opportunity to unveil “Vision 2022”.

Highlighting the brewing opportunities at Ebizon, Vibhav, CBO mentioned,”In the coming year, we are aiming that at least 10% of Ebizonkers get a chance to visit clients on site”. With new clients including Dubai based EMAAR getting on board, the goal is to leverage these opportunities and provide maximum learning as well as exposure to employees for healthy and sustainable growth.

The final section of the presentation talked about the improvements and recommendations shared by employees through an anonymous feedback form. The presentation was then followed by RnR ceremony to recognise and celebrate fellow rockstars of Ebizon.

Team performances followed by tea & snacks in the evening brought the curtain down on this remarkable day.