Reviving Vintage Charm: How EbizON Migrated Mid Century Mobler’s WordPress Site to Shopify for a 30% Boost in Sales 




WordPress, Shopify  


Website migration, e-commerce platform development, and ongoing website maintenance and optimization

Client objective

Mid Century Mobler, a high-end vintage furniture and décor retailer, approached EbizON, a digital agency, with the goal of migrating their existing WordPress website to a new e-commerce platform on Shopify.

The client aimed to improve their online user experience, streamline their ordering and fulfilment processes, and increase overall online sales and revenue. 


Mid-Century Mobler is a well-known brand in the high-end vintage furniture and décor industry. They import unique and hand-picked designs from various countries in Europe and Scandinavia, which are displayed in their 7500-square-foot showroom in Berkeley, CA.

Their product range includes dining chairs, sofas, lounge ottomans, storage cases, tables, and lighting consoles, all of which are available for online ordering through their website.


The primary challenge for EbizON was to migrate the existing WordPress website to the Shopify platform while maintaining the unique design and user experience of the website.

Additionally, the team needed to optimize the website for speed and performance, implement advanced search and filtering features, and integrate third-party tools and systems, such as payment gateways and shipping solutions.

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

To tackle these challenges, EbizON worked closely with Mid Century Mobler to understand their business needs and develop a comprehensive project plan.

The team utilized specialized migration tools to transfer all data, products, and customer information from WordPress to Shopify. They also designed and customized a new Shopify theme that reflected the brand’s unique aesthetic and optimized the website for speed and performance. 

Additionally, the team implemented advanced search and filtering features to make it easier for customers to find products based on specific criteria, such as color, size, and price.

They also integrated a variety of third-party tools and systems, such as PayPal and FedEx, to streamline the ordering and fulfilment processes. 


The migration to Shopify resulted in a significant improvement in the user experience for Mid-Century Mobler’s online customers.

The website’s new design and improved functionality led to increased website traffic, engagement, and sales. In the months following the launch, the website experienced a 30% increase in online sales, with an average order value increase of 20%.

Additionally, the improved speed and performance of the website resulted in a 40% reduction in bounce rates and a 25% increase in page views.

Overall, the migration to Shopify proved to be a successful project for both Mid-Century Mobler and EbizON. 

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