7 Browser Push Notification Messages To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Browser push notifications are real time clickable messages that are sent to the subscribers’ browsers and appear right next to the task bar. They are better than most other communication channels like emails or app push, and can drive your site conversions exponentially.

Unlike mobile push notifications, browser push notifications do not require any prior information from the users, and can be sent ONLY if a user permits.

The fact that they are browser-dependent and NOT platform dependent, makes them accessible across all kind of devices such as desktops, mobiles, tablets etc. These notifications can be sent even if the users aren’t currently on your website.

This means that retailers can reach and engage a wider range of audience irrespective of the browsing platforms or personal details. They just need to deliver real-time relevant messaging to their users that can accelerate the conversion actions.

Browser Push Notification Messages To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Following is a list of 7 browser push notifications that you can use to increase your ecommerce sales-

1. Turn Welcome Notifications to Subscription Offers

It’s always a good idea to send out welcome push notifications whenever a new visitor signs up with you. This way the visitors get a similar experience to email subscription, and are assured that they have subscribed successfully through your opt-in box.

Also, many users like to ‘subscribe’ only when they get some kind of value from you.

In such cases, you can also alter these welcome messages further into ‘subscription offers’ and include special discounts or coupons codes in order to increase your conversion rate – right from the start.

You could put something like :

Throwing such subscription offers can help you increase the overall conversion rate up to 10%.

2. Increase Signups from Anonymous Visitors

Almost 90% of your site users are anonymous. Authentication of visitors is extremely important for an ecommerce site. Tracking and analysing the user behaviour can help you target your audience accordingly. But this can be done only if you have their login credentials.

Similar to ‘welcome push notifications’, you can encourage more signups from anonymous visitors by drafting out creative browser push notifications, that can lure them to give you their emails.

3. Announce New Products or Sales

Buyers would be most interested to know if the products they were waiting for – are finally available for purchase. It could be the items in their wishlist, or new products from the brands they love, or something related to their previous purchase.

You can segment your audience according to their browsing patterns and purchase history, and then target them with relevant products.

Adding a discount offer for a limited period will not only increase the urgency factor amongst the shoppers, but also your conversion rates.

Sales is another thing that excites the shoppers. Most people suffer from the ‘fear of missing out’ and want things that are scarce. You can leverage on it by generating a strong urgency factor in your messages while announcing a sale.

Make your offer time-bound and it will encourage the users to take action immediately or as soon as possible.

Keep sending reminder notifications to keep up the excitement level of the users, while increasing your revenue generation.

4. Personalized Notifications

Personalization goes a long way in customer retention and also increases your CTR by 25%.

Sending general notifications to all your subscribers will yield little results, since one size does NOT fit all. You have to put that extra effort of understanding the online behavior of your subscribers in terms of –

  • what products do they usually browse for
  • what exactly they are searching for
  • are they comparing prices online
  • how much time did they spend on a product page
  • have they added anything to their wishlist or cart but haven’t checked out yet

Once done, you can then push your offers that have been specifically tailored to interest those users.

For example, if a user spends 15 minutes looking at a product on your site but tries to exit without buying, you can send him an instant web-push offering a small discount valid only for 15 mins or so. This way, the user will be tempted to buy that product immediately!

You could also schedule notifications based on local geo-location for all those users who are closer to your in-store, and attract them to visit your store by offering them deals/discounts in your messages.

5. Price Drop Notification

Pricing is a major concern for all shoppers. Most of them compare the product-price across several websites or apps before purchasing.

This gives you an opportunity to connect with the users looking for best possible deals for the products they intend to buy.

So if there’s a price drop for a particular product and the customer isn’t aware, you can immediately notify them and encourage them to buy.

6. Abandoned Cart Notifications

Nothing hurts a retailer more than his customers stuffing up their carts and abandoning them.

It could be because the customers started comparing prices on the other sites, or got distracted and forgot all about the checkout, or there were issues with the payment process. While the reasons could be numerous, it is still a lost revenue.

Browser notifications for cart abandonments come to the rescue in such cases. They remind the users about the content in their carts and encourage them to complete the sale.

And if you can combine the reminder with a discount, you have almost hit the bull’s eye!

or make it more personalised as,

7. Up-sell & Cross sell Notifications

Marketing is not only about acquiring new customers. Re-engaging your dormant users is equally important and goes a long way in building relationships.

Upselling and cross selling are effective ways to get the customers back to your site for repeat purchases. Up Selling means selling more than intended while cross selling means selling a different product to an existing customer.

Both can be done based on the online activities and the previous buying history of an existing customer.

You can analyse and recommend relevant products (as per user’s requirements), better products or upgrades or even associated products that you think the customers would be interested in.

You can then compose your deals and offers around those products with unique coupon codes, and send them to the users. This helps in generating better customer loyalty and of course, higher conversion rates.

The web technology is rapidly gaining momentum and Browser Push Notifications are becoming one of the better modes of communication. They are more economical and provide ample benefits to the e commerce players, but a lot depends upon your own creativeness and timings.