A User-Friendly Drupal Solution for Environmental Research: EbizON’s Success Story 


Environmental Research 




Website design and development, Drupal CMS, custom theme development, UI/UX design, and web optimization 

Client Objective

The client, a global research organization working in the nexus of environment, sustainable transportation, and economic socio-development, aimed to develop a website that can showcase their work and provide an online platform to engage with stakeholders and the public. The client wanted a user-friendly website that could host multiple types of content, including articles, research papers, and multimedia. 


The client is a global research organization working to promote sustainable development practices worldwide. They work in various fields, including the environment, transportation, and socio-economic development, to support the global transition towards a more sustainable future. 


The primary challenge for the digital agency, EbizON, was to develop a Drupal website that could handle multiple types of content and offer a seamless user experience. The website had to be visually appealing and provide easy navigation to different types of content. Moreover, it had to be optimized for search engines, making it easier for the public and stakeholders to find the client’s work and engage with them online. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

EbizON used Drupal to develop the client’s website, taking a collaborative approach with the client to understand their specific requirements. The agency designed a custom Drupal theme that aligned with the client’s brand identity, and developed a content architecture that could host various types of content. They also optimized the website for search engines, making it easier for stakeholders and the public to find and engage with the client’s work.


EbizON’s efforts resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly website that provided a seamless experience for visitors. The website hosted various types of content, including research papers, multimedia, and articles, making it easy for visitors to access the client’s work.

Moreover, the website’s search engine optimization helped the client improve their online visibility, resulting in increased engagement from stakeholders and the public. The digital agency’s expertise in Drupal development and user experience design helped them deliver a high-quality product that met the client’s objectives and exceeded their expectations. 

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