How an Automotive Accessories OEM Got 17x ROI through Google Adwords

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Our client manufactures and sells the world’s smartest gear for vehicle-based adventures.

Their roof racks, water tanks, tents, awnings, drawer systems, and camping accessories are enjoyed, and used extensively around the world by casual campers, the U.N., overlanders, NGOs, outdoor enthusiasts, and extreme athletes.

The company’s goal has always been to maintain digital marketing efficiency while driving sales. They contacted us and shared their problem area. Instantly, we could make out that we had to work on  optimizing their search campaigns to increase conversions. We had to keep an eye on their budget too.


The main trigger (that led them to us) was that their key competition began advertising on adwords with increased budgets for their relatively low priced products. Our client started experiencing lower ad positions and higher competition for key search phrases.

Their adwords ROI was just 2 times of adspend (so for every $100 adspend, they were selling worth $200 products). With an average product profit of $30, they were actually bleeding. Clearly, they were losing out on their potential customers.

We were posed with a challenge to:

  • Bring down the adspend/total conversion value to at least 20% (20/100)
  • Get a minimum of 5-7 times ROI through Google adwords


After a thorough analysis of the user behavior on their site, we started off by realigning their campaigns as per the user searches and their product categories. A brief overview of the same is shown below:

Here is the complete list of activities we performed:

[table id=7 /]

Below is a quick comparison of the objective completion for the period March’17-Oct’17 (when our client was handling adwords on their own) and Nov’18-Jun’18 (This was when we took over their adwords account):

Red Line: March’17-Oct’17

Blue Line: Nov’17-Jun’18


1. In a month, we were able to drive revenue of $123,500 with an adspend of approximately $7181
We started off with Google adwords for our client in Nov’17 and within a few months, they experienced a whopping 17 times return on their investment in Google adwords.

2.CPC reduced rom $0.88 to $0.32

3. Monthly impressions increased from 692K to 1.5M

4. Percentage of adspend/total conversion value reduced to 5.3%

Quality optimization the key to the success of effective online advertising campaigns.

Our team used to monitor the campaigns on a regular basis and adopted different strategies based on competition to make sure we didn’t lose out on any potential customer. Clearly, the results were beyond our client’s expectations and totally worth the effort we had put in.

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