How an Automotive Accessories OEM Got 17x ROI through Google Adwords

Editor’s note: This is an interesting case study of an automotive accessories manufacturer. Google adwords helped it garner 17x ROI which clearly shows the power of running adwords campaigns for quick growth. If you want to learn more about Google adwords and how it can make a difference to your business, consult EbizON. They provide … Read more

How an Automotive Adventure Accessories OEM Retained its Traffic & Revenue While Upgrading From Magento 1 CE to Magento 2.24 Enterprise

Editor’s note: Most startup stores prefer the Magento community edition because of zero investment, but as they grow and seek expansion, they need a robust platform. This gives them better security, improved scalability, and several other features. Recently, we helped this automotive accessory manufacturer move to the Magento Enterprise version. Not only was the transition … Read more

5 SEO Tips To Spike Your Auto Parts Sales By 150%

Editor’s note: We know how important SEO is to our business chances. While medium and large store owners can afford to take professional ecommerce SEO marketing services, small businesses don’t have the privilege to do that. If you are one of them or have just started, this post is for you. Though this mainly focuses on automotive businesses, the core SEO principles remain the same.

If you are an automotive aftermarket manufacturer/retailer and have not so far invested on automotive-specific SEO services, you’re doing yourself a big disservice.
In 2018 almost 52% of all traffic generated by auto parts website were via organic searches.

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Amazon Disruption In Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket is growing with the increasing average vehicle age. The online sale of automotive parts is on a all time high and has exceeded $15 billion in 2019, registering a 18.3% increase over 2018. Amazon happens to be the latest entrant in this segment and seems like it has already created a disruption … Read more

Auto-Service Center Increases Appointments by 2.4X using Push Notifications

It is important for any business to continuously grow their traffic and connect with both new and existing users. For Auto- Service Centers, this happens mainly through a host of BTL activities using several communication channels like email, sms, social media, print, etc. These activities can often turn out to be a little heavy on … Read more