Instead of rising high in terms of popularity, Jagran Junction was seeing a constant decline in terms of site usage.  Ebizon helped Jagran Junction enhance the usability of site which in turn resulted in increased traffic.

Why Jagran Junction witnessed a decline in site usage?

Upon diagnosis it was found that the bloggers were loosing interest in the site because it took too long to load. The site was developed in a manner that for each user 20 new tables were being formed. So, the database had close to 2 Lac tables. The heavy database tables were causing the site to take longer to load.

What was done as a step to ensure increased site usage?

Ebizon redesigned their database structure in a way such that the site can open fast and the user interaction can be increased. But the actual path to the desired result had few challenges to be met:

  • Re-designing and fixing the existing database architecture
  • As part of the requirement, many of the core files in WordPress were modified and customized. This in turn resulted in a situation where many plugins and server optimization tools were not performing or getting integrated.

We worked closely with Jagran Junction group to prioritize the requirement and then divided it in 2 phase:

1st Phase: The 1st phase was dedicated to the cleaning of database tables, reduction in site load time and ways to rebuilt user’s interest.

2nd Phase: Phase 2 was kept for cleaning up the core WordPress files and migration of site from version 2.8 to the latest WordPress 3.5 version.


Soon after the new website was launched remarkable result in terms of site usage was noticed.

Within a month the daily traffic on the site increased from less than 20,000 to about 28,000-32,000 users with a maximum touching 37,000; a remarkable 2-3 times compared to the pre-launch figure.

Looking at the outstanding figures, Jagran Junction is expecting a traffic of more than 60,000 users in the coming month.

Down the road, Jagran Junction is planning to develop many other features on the site as another step to increase user interaction. Integration of 3rd party sites like Facebook and Twitter is also in the pipeline.