How EbizON Increased Google Ads Sales for an Online Vendor of Cosmeceutical Products 




Digital Advertising, E-Commerce


Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEMrush

Client Objective

Increase sales and revenue through Google Ads


The client is an online vendor of cosmeceutical products that cater to a niche market. They have a range of high-quality skincare products that are formulated with active ingredients to improve the overall health of the skin. 


The client was struggling to increase their sales and revenue through Google Ads. They had previously engaged with multiple digital agencies but were not satisfied with the results. Their campaigns were not optimized for conversions and they were not seeing a positive return on their investment. 

Facing a Challenge?

What We Did?

We, EbizON, conducted a comprehensive audit of the client’s existing Google Ads campaigns. We analyzed the client’s business objectives, target audience, keywords, ad creatives, landing pages, and conversion tracking. Based on our findings, we developed a customized digital advertising strategy that would increase the client’s sales and revenue. 

We optimized the client’s Google Ads campaigns for conversions by refining their target audience, selecting high-intent keywords, improving ad copy, and creating compelling landing pages. We also implemented Google Analytics and SEMrush to track and measure the performance of the campaigns. 

To ensure that the client’s campaigns were continuously optimized, we conducted regular A/B testing of ad creatives, landing pages, and audience targeting. We also provided the client with monthly reports that outlined the performance of their campaigns and provided insights for further improvements. 


Within the first six months of working with EbizON, the client’s sales and revenue increased by 50%. Their cost per acquisition decreased by 30%, while their return on ad spend increased by 75%. They were also able to expand their reach to new markets and increase brand awareness. 

Overall, EbizON’s digital advertising strategy helped the client achieve their business objectives and exceed their expectations. By continuously optimizing their campaigns, we were able to deliver consistent results and help the client grow their business. 

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