Push Notifications Getting A Low Click Rate? You Lack Personalization.

How will you feel to wake up at 3 in the night to a notification that makes no sense to you? Irritated?

Well, you’re not the only one who’ll turn off the notifications from that app off immediately.

According to a 2016 Localytics study, 50% of consumers find push notifications to be distracting whether they receive them on mobile or on desktop.

Moreover, if you’re just sending the same messages to everyone, you’re practically spamming and wasting a pretty useful marketing tactic.

So, let me help you not waste a penny more and get all those customers fall in love with you.

1. Sending Localised Messages

If you have a store at multiple locations, it is mandatory for you to create localised lists. You cannot send the same store timing message to a person in UK as to one in US.

Sounds like a terrible blunder, doesn’t it?

Now to avoid falling for this one, get local.

Even if you’ve just got one store or maybe an online store, reach out to your customers as per the local trends, service conditions or even language.

Create localised promotions, updates, product stocking, and others like this one above.

2. Map Your Messages To Your Customer’s Interests

You’re at a loss if you’re sending a customer interested in clothes, discount coupons for electronic products. Like this one here…

You should map your customer’s interests to your offerings. This is the least you can do in the age of predictive analysis to understand consumer behavior so deeply.

With PushFlew you can point from where is your customer coming i.e. what page of your website did he visit.

On the basis of these URLs, you can further create lists to cater to customers as per their interests.

One of our client Cranimals has been using this strategy to segregate their dog and cat lovers. They’ve created two separate lists and now they only send discounts on dog food to dog owners, unlike earlier.

3. Be Device Friendly And Not Lazy

I’ve seen most of my clients prepare separate strategy for mobile and desktop users while preparing their email campaigns. They even measure the results for both the devices separately.

But they forget to do this when it comes to push notifications.

Push notifications too, like emails need proper campaign management and strategy in order to get you the best results. Results which will be way better than your email campaigns.

So design notifications that look like they are made for mobiles and not just being fitted there.

In addition to that, you can also track which device channel works better for you by creating slightly differentiated promotional strategies for different devices.

Go ahead and create lists today.

And it’s incredibly easy on PushFlew. Just click on the segmentation tab and create a new list.

Next, just keep on adding whatever rules you want to apply to the subscribers in that list.

Yes, that simple.

Need help in forming a push strategy for your business? Reach out to us.