7 Best Shopify Plugins to Boost Your Store Sales

In this article, “Priyanka Jhamnani” shares how you can generate more traffic and boost your sales with some powerful plugins that can act as a magic potion for your website. Our Shopify website development services have got you covered. So, let’s make your Shopify online store a success together!

Plugins are powerful tools used by ecommerce sites for additional functionalities within your e stores. They are typically designed to provide value to your customers and enhance their overall shopping experience.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 7 plugins that you can integrate with your Shopify store, in order to generate more traffic and increase sales.

Seo Meta Manager

Price – $20 /mo
Free Trial – 7 days

Seo Meta Manager offers over 20 unique features to enhance the SEO for your Shopify store.

It allows the user to take control of how their products or pages get displayed on the search engine results, and also provides valuable inputs to boost conversions and attract customers. You can optimize your site’s seo by including unique page titles, meta descriptions, alt text and specific keywords.

Seo Meta Manager can easily be installed with a slight modification to your existing theme. Just copy-paste a small code snippet to your theme and remove the previous tags, meta descriptions or keywords from the layout.


Subscription Plans – Free to ( $49, $199, $399 ) /mo

ViralSweep allows you to embed sweepstakes on any website or page, using any URL you like. It helps in growing your email list, increases social engagements and most importantly, generates more sales.

Along with multiple sweepstakes styles, it is equipped with features for customizable form building, multiple language translations, referrals, real-time data analytics, tracking sources and more. It can also seamlessly integrate with a variety of ecommerce platforms, cms and email service providers. You can also optimize the giveaway pages for mobiles or tablets.

ViralSweep is a backend program and requires no installation. Once you sign up with a plan, it emails you the link to its dashboard for creating a new campaign and you are set to integrate it with your Shopify store.


Price: Forever Free, Standard (starting from $10/month) and Pro (starting from $199/month)

Omnisend is a highly recommended email marketing plugin for Shopify and has several templates tailored specifically for ecommerce such as – promotional email campaigns, email marketing automation, subscribers list and sales report generation.

You can personalise and configure the emails to be sent automatically at the best time, like welcoming the customers, cart abandonment reminders, follow ups, reactivations or even birthday emails, that can help you connect better with your customers.

Omnisend is web based application that requires you to sign up and doesn’t require any software to be installed. It automatically imports the subscribers list from your store and gets you started.


Pricing – Custom

Printful is a wonderful extension for outsourcing product printing and drop shipping. The extension essentially enables the communication between Shopify and Printful.

Let’s say your customer orders a print design on any product such as dresses, shirts, mugs, posters etc. The order immediately goes to Printful for making, printing and shipping directly to the customer under your brand name. In other words, it saves you from the ‘hassles’ of selling high quality print-on-demand products, and leaves you to focus more on sales and marketing.

To integrate Printful, click on ‘Get App’ button from the Shopify App Store and create a Printful account. Once done, choose and sync the existing or new products along with their printing details to your Printful account and setup the billing.

Persistent Cart

Priced – Forever Free, $9 /mo
Free Trial – 7 days

Not all customers who add items to their carts buy them immediately (for several reasons), and end up losing the cart content, when they logout.

Persistent Cart syncs the shopping carts with accounts in real time. It ‘saves’ all unpurchased item information and clears the cart for privacy purposes whenever the customer logs out, and reloads it back when they login again (even from a different device), leading to customer satisfaction and retention.

You can optimize its performance through notifications, product thumbnails, cross sellings or subtotals in order to boost your sales.

Persistence cart is a backend program and requires no separate installation or setup. You just need to enable it from the admin panel and configure it according to your requirement.

Exit Offers

Priced – $9.99 /mo
Free Trial – 14 days

Exit Offers are used to lure the customers into making a purchase when they are about to exit your page. You can push a popup showing a discount code/coupon, offer free shipping or exclusive services to all those customers, who place items in their carts but don’t checkout.

You have total control of your offer messages and how frequently you want to display them. Include some humor or just give what the customer wants and watch them give you a sale! The app also provides for A/B testing along with their statistics, and the amount generated through them.

Exit Offers can be installed from the Shopify App Store by clicking on the ‘Get’ button and takes less than a minute to complete.

The success of any online business primarily depends upon how well you present your brand and cater to customers. Having the right set of plugins provide a great opportunity for all retailers to grow the standards of their digital store.