How Nonprofits Should Use Google Analytics to Achieve Positive ROI

More than 60% of nonprofit organizations don’t use any type of Analytics tracking to better understand their visitors.

Many believe that tools like Google Analytics are useful only for businesses that sell stuff. Of course, this could not be further from the truth.

The truth is Google Analytics can be extremely beneficial for nonprofit organizations. Here’s why.

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Subtle Push Notifications That Boost Your Store Conversion By 40%

Remember the small crisp messages that pop on your phone at random times, but isn’t an email, SMS or a missed call? These messages called as Push Notifications, come from the several apps that you may have installed on your phone.

Push notifications are one of the most powerful ways of marketing in the world of e-commerce. They empower the app publishers to reach out to their customers wherever they are, to engage them, and eventually redirect them to their app-offers and deals.

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10 Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Data Analytics

Nonprofits might not be after revenue but they still have big goals that they are after.

No matter if it’s fighting climate change, supporting people during natural disasters or feeding the homeless, they need to measure the success of their activities.

They still need to understand what’s going on and how their actions affect the world.

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